M. K. Gupta, 
Media Advisor

The Traffic situation at Dwarka will be solved on priority basis and firm action against the violators, this was the message, the Traffic Police has given to the Dwarka Forum in a meeting held on 7.2.2011.  Shri Satyendra Garg, Jt. Commissioner of Police (Traffic) (JCP-T) suggested that since Dwarka have over six-lakh residents which are more than the population of Chandigarh, due importance will be given to Dwarka. He also agreed to increase the chase and challan bikes which are 13 at present and to increase hand held speed governors. To check the over-speeding, a special drive will also be conducted on different roads and Traffic Police will keep changing the locations of mobile interceptor frequently.  For this, road numbers 201, 205, 210, 224, 225 and Dwarka Link Road were suggested.  For restriction for HGV/MGV during the peak hours on mainly on road No. 201, 202, 205, 210, 224 and 226 in Dwarka, DTP has sent to the Commissioner Secretary-Transport for notification. The timers will also be synchronized for peak and normal hours.  

 On the DF suggestion on 50% Defaulters DL to Courts, Jt. CP updated that since a defaulter is ready to pay compounding amount, the DTP can not press for Court submission of DL etc. However, he directed any wrong carriage drive and other major violation including wrong parking on main carriage way to be penalised u/s 66 which empower the Police to impound the vehicle.
For Dwarka Palam Flyover, the DCP-Western Region informed that he has written to DDA to have Protection wall similar to that of RTR and other place and then remove the non standard speed breakers.  
The Jt CP asked DCP to take action u.s. 66 if any one violates the rule and obstruct the smooth flow of traffic at parking on the road at Gopinath Bazaar.
Traffic Police suggested the DF to initiate community awareness programme on traffic the need to follow traffic rules. DTP shall write to the road owning agencies to up date the speed restriction boards for displaying the changed maximum speed limit. Forum has appreciated the step to remove the food vans whose NOC and license had expired.  The Jt. CP instructed not to allow the Chinese Vans and carts which cause hindrance to Pedestrian movements or Service Road etc. and suggested to owners of vans to shift to elsewhere.  
Dwarka Forum brought to the notice of the Traffic Police that the malls at Sector 22, 23, 19 and 7 are not allowing designated basement parking to the visitors. On this, JCP informed that recently Traffic Police has booked the five-star hotels in Central Delhi and directed them to keep the vehicle inside only.
To solve the traffic jam at Ramphal Chowk, Jt. CP asked the Police to be strict on illegal parking and penalize the violatorsu.s. 66. The Traffic Police assured action on the illegal vehicle repairs work-shops on road side at Ramphal Chowk and in nearby and against the car bazaar on main road in front of Bharama Apptt in Sec. 7.
DF has invited the Traffic Police in the public interaction on 26th Feb. and the Joint Commissioner of Police has accepted the invitation. Meeting was attended by Shri Sharad Sinha, DCP (Traffic) and Shri Ashok Dhawan, ACP (T), Dwarka. From DF, Mr. Rejimon, Rajeev Solanki, Sudha Iyer and Anoop Rohera among others and ended with thanks to JCP and his team for fruitful discussion.