“Women The Achievers” by Dr. Amit Kaur Puri.

This book is author’s tribute to the women of our society who set an example with their dedication, work and success in their respective fields. She was soo much inspired while interviewing these ladies that writing about their lives has transformed me in more humble person with clear goals. Her sincere and foremost thanks to Sandeep Marwah ji who provided her the visionary idea to pen down theses real life stories. She owe her thanks to Rahi publication and Sushil Bharti ji for their classy and timely publication of book. She is indebt to all her family members and dear ones.

She wants to spread this message worldwide “Sooo kyu Manda Aakhiye Jit Jaane Rajan”!!!!!!
Means women who gives birth to saints, women who gives birth to warriors and the women who gives birth to kings should be highly respected and never get insulted.

She got inspired by these lines:
Too many women in too many countries
speak the same language of silence. 

When a woman fights for power, as all women would like to, quietly or loudly, it is questioned.

And yet, there must be freedom — if we are to speak
And yes, there must be power — if we are to be heard.
And when we have both (freedom and power) let us now be understood.
We seek only to give words to those who cannot speak ……
Amit says that “U r not wat u look like but U r wat u ASPIRE to be. U may look soft but u may b electrifying. Self awareness and improvement turns u into “Alchemist”!!! From kitchen to board room — be ur best. Aaham brahmasmi. U r the shakti, U r the power.