Urgent revival of Nasirpur Water Body

Regarding Water Body situated at Pocket-5, Nasirpur, Dwarka.

DDA is maintaining the water body and the following are urgently needed for its revival and survival:

1. Periphery or boundary wall to be constructed to avoid unauthorised and illegal activities. Some portion do not have it.

2. Area around the water body needs to be cleaned,

3. Water needs to be tested as ducks can be seen floating in the water body

4. Greenery and Plantation to be done excessively to maintain ecological balance of the area,

5. Parking inside the water body needs to be banned (can be seen behind the DDA sign-board).

6. DDA should involve local RWSs, locals and Management Cmts. of nearby DDA flats and Societies in this endeavour.

I shall appreciate if it is published in your esteemed Dwarka Parichay to bring awareness among locals towards its preservation and conservation.

Thanking you,
Arun Banerjee
Nasirpur, Dwarka