Who shall Collect More in China PM Modi or PK ?

Rakesh Manchanda

Two Business from India are today in China.Both are charming dream sellers seeking future collaboration and business of products claiming milestones.

PM Modi promotional list has border issues, Indo-China Cultural Parks in Bangaluru & Bejing and Warfare weapon list.

PK an educative Bollywood is all set to rock in China.
Amair Khan and his Bollywood Business team is there to sign a collaboration on New film starring Aamir and Jackie Chan –Kung Fu Yoga.

Milestone :PM Modi milestone is still not clear as his foreign trips also claim to bring back the Indian black money hidden abroad.

TOI puts PM Modi foreign visit expenses as alarming 317 crores Rupees plus.

Bollywood Aamir Khan team trip is to release `PK` film in 3500 Chinese screens in Chinese language.

This is how PK Poster looks in China.

PM Modi shall face real challenge in outsmarting and generating real business leads as `Make in China` idols of Ganpati, Lord Shiv and Laxmi are still cheaper and popular in Indian market.

Why did Modi Sarkar in Gujarat and MP did not allow cinema lovers to celebrate `Ghar Wapse` of PK an Alien ?

This is still a mystery as there were protests against PK.

Modi Government China policy is not clear.On one hand Modi Team meets the China Refugee `His `Holiness` Dalia Lama and on other hand India wants to do Business with clever China on `equal` terms.

Instead of promoting corruption free religion Modi Brigade demanded mindlessly to ban the Educative Lord Shiv Chase scene ( see article below) and were silently promoting Godse Temples in India.

Time has come when PM Modi needs more `desi` products like PK to transform his blind followers into National followers and assets for better India Showcase..

For those who missed the indigenous protest of Modi Business team on film PK may see the interesting details as under :

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