65 Achievers from India & Abroad Honoured with Indian Icon Award

Indian Icon award 2018-2019 organized at Radisson Blue Hotel, Dwarka honoured the achievers from different walks of life for their incredible contribution to society. Around 65 dignitaries from various fields were honoured with the Indian Icon Award during this program.

Hansraj Hans, famous singer and MP from North-West Delhi was the chief guest of the event and film actress Malvika Raj also accompanied as the Special Guest. Indian Icon Award Chairman Mandeep Pandit and Managing Director Pooja Dahiya Dhankher said that the purpose of organizing this program and honouring the achievers is to the inspire others also to set and achieve goals and contribute to society in some or other way.                      

In this function, Dr. Jyoti Bali, Medical Director, Babysoon Fertility and IVF Center was honoured with the Indian Icon Award for her incredible contribution to society with ‘Right to Motherhood Campaign’. Apart from this, Sunanda Rao, Founder and Director, Conccept was honoured for an initiative to identify the children’s true potential and provide the right guidance for their successful career.

Apart from this, Poonam Mahajan, Director, Apex Media (Brand Creators) and President, Apex Human Rights Council and Nakul Gandhi, Director, Welvet, Dr. Jyoti Nagpal, Dr. Sushmita Gupta, Dr. Anurag Bishnoi, Dr. Aman Bishnoi, Samrat Shubham, Dr. H.S Bath, Miss India in Deaf Category Vidisha were also honoured in the Program. Awardees were selected in various categories health, education, agriculture, sports, trade from India and abroad.