The age of 3 to 5 years is the most important period of life from the perspective of human development. At this stage whatever a child learns, gets permanently imprinted in its character. It is here that the entire neuronic wiring of billions of neurons takes place in the brain of the child. This period never comes again in life. Whatever we may do later; but this is the most critical stage when the child needs Sanskars.

Hence, as parents and early child educators, we need to be very careful in choosing what ought to be given to the child. Whether it is food or habits, games or learning materials, we need to carefully decide, as it is not in the child’s capacity to judge them as right or wrong. How we help our child grow during these three important years has a deep and lifelong impact.

Today, when both the parents are working, children are left at the crèche or with the servant. Furthermore, if we do not give them the right content and right education, their future cannot be bright. It is also observed that children are deeply influenced by Nursery Rhymes. Rhymes are one of the best means of inspiring children to learn values. These beautiful, touching songs easily help in building the character of the child. Hence, the text of these rhymes needs to be carefully drafted.

Unfortunately, it has been more than a hundred years that we have not moved ahead of Humpty Dumpty kind of rhymes. It is to be noted that most of these rhymes are negatively toned. Humpty Dumpty falls and breaks apart. Jack and Jill come tumbling down. London Bridge is falling down. There are several other rhymes that do not contain content to construct pure thoughts in tender minds. There is no doubt that these rhymes are simple to listen to and learn. But considering the great cultural background of our Nation, we could have created our own rhymes that are positively toned. If we continue to teach children Johny Johny where lies are spoken in a laughing tone, children would obviously start lying more confidently. We need to present inspirational and value driven texts to the tender minds.

It is important to note that Pre-schooling is not bound by regulations and directives of government. Pre-schools can be opened in a simple one-room home. However, the grand infrastructure in pre-schools we have today in our country points to the fact that parents are generously investing here. Since, pre-schools are valued only by parent satisfaction; we have the opportunity to showcase to the world that Bharat as a nation can innovate in education. The journey to become Nalanda again starts from here.

It is therefore important to create a set of rhymes that derive wisdom from our cultural identity, at the same time being positively toned. Innovations are widely accepted in towns and cities, as parents want to inculcate values in their children right from an early age. However, options are very few. We can understand this simply through English rhymes, which have remained unchanged for over a hundred years.

Shishu Sanskar has created an indigenous book series on rhymes for Pre-Primary titled WISDOM RHYMES. It has generated very pleasing impressions on parents who hear their little ones sing rhymes full of wisdom. In addition, the rhymes are refreshing and original as they relate to our country and traditions. Now that this new set of books ‘Wisdom Rhymes’ has been created, we must confidently help children learn these rhymes. In the process, the much needed Sanskars will develop. Three sample rhymes are given below for reference. Each has been taken from the three books created for three years of pre-schooling.

Shishu Sanskar has created these well-thought English Rhymes that can be taken to the world, thus helping the global family of tomorrow to live a life driven out of values. You will certainly like these Rhymes and experience the positive development in your dear little ones. To procure the books, for personal use or for school, you may contact the author of the rhymes at

Anup Attavar

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