“A player should possess Positive thinking & disciplined behaviour.” – S.S.Shekhawat

S S Dogra with S S Shekhawat

He is hailing from village Jarwa, district Mahander Garh, Haryana. He born on 18th April, 1967 in a traditional hindu family. He is 6’2” tall with a sound physique. You can find him in the basketball court, DDA Dwarka Sports complex who keeps himself busy to train the budding basket ball enthusiasts. Yes, he is none other than Mr. S.S.Shekhawat. He is a trained NIS Coach from Patiyala.
Recently, our editor S.S. Dogra spoke to him. Let us chalk it out. Excerpts:

What is your background in the field of basket ball?
I was in Rajrif Regiment (Indian Army), there I was national basketball player & represented Indian Army basketball team from 1987 to 2000.

What is your present engagement?
After spending for almost 17 years in the Indian army, I took VRS from there in 2001. I am HOD-Physical Education in Vandana International School, Dwarka. 

S S Shekhawat Basketball coach
What is special in basket ball game?
You will be surprised to know that Basketball is the second fastest game although Ice hockey is considered the fastest game in the world of sports.

How many players are there in a basket ball team?
There are 12 players in a team but only 5 players can play a match. Although the rotation/replacement of the players can be done any time during the match.

What are the major technical terms in Basket ball?
Dribbling, dozing, passing, rebounding etc. are the major technical terms used in this game.

What are the key position of the game?
The feeder-who rotates the ball & post player who mainly moves near D portion of the Basketball court.

Is it right that taller players have more demand in this game?
Yes, of course, height plays very important role in basket ball game.

S S Shekhawat with his students
Whether basket ball is played at the school level?
Yes, basket ball championship is regularly organized at Zonal, inter Zone, CBSE, University level in India.

Why basket ball is not so popular in India?
There are so many behind it. But passion for Cricket in the present generation has almost vanished away all the game. Moreover, it is also not getting appropriate media coverage.

In which country basket ball is most popular game?
United States of America & nowadays it is quite popular in China also.

Who are the famous Indian basket ball players?
Sh.Radhey Shyam, Sh. Ajmer Singh, Sh.Khusi Ram-Arjun Awardee his two sons Sh.Ram Kumar-Arjun Awardee and Sh. Ashok Kumar are famous Indian basket ball players.

Who is the most famous basket ball player in the world?
Micheal Jordon from United States of America is the most famous basketball player of the World. He has millions of fans not only in USA but also across the world.

What is the secret of success in a player life?
A player should always believe in positive thinking & disciplined behaviour.

Contact Mr. S.S.Shekhawat – 9211461319