N.K.Bagrodia Public School, Dwarka celebrated Maths week

N.K.Bagrodia Public School, Dwarka celebrated Maths week from 15th July to 19th July 2017. The primary objective of the celebration was to enhance and cultivate mathematical skills and develop passion and aptitude for mathematics. Students of classes I to IX participated whole heartedly in various activities in the week long celebration. 

A plethora of activities like Dominoes ,fun filled intra class competition- Ice-Cream Sundae Place Value Quiz, Designing a Landscape Using Geometrical Shapes, Crossword Puzzles, Sieve of Erathosthenes-activity based on finding all of the smaller primes and named after the Greek mathematician ‘Eratosthenes’, a quiz- Mathagical Tsunami , a Shot in the Dark, Catch the Crook and Humbola were conducted to encourage young learners to get involved, to dispel Math phobia and create a love for the subject. It was a week filled with fun and fruitful experiences.