About Osho Shailendra – part-2/3

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Education and Medical Studies

Next phase describes the educational life which covers Osho Shailendra ji’s admission in college, Kirtan Mandali, Medical studies and so on. Osho Shailendra ji’s favorite subject was Mathematics. While 25days of holidays during October, He used to complete entire syllabus. The Mathematics teacher in His school was not very intelligent. He used to check answer behind the text book and tried to get that answer. Sometimes due to misprinting in the text book, He used to get stuck in the class room, then he would call Shailendra ji to come, and continue with the problem. Shailendra ji used to inform the teacher about misprinted figures in question or answer. The teacher could not detect them by him self. While appearing for examination, like questionnaire He wrote on the answer sheet – Check any 5 out of 7. He had that much assurance that would be able to solve all of them. He used to attempt all optional questions and complete the paper way ahead of time of exam. Supervisors used to insist Him, to recheck. But being aware of His ability and awareness, He was of the opinion once done is final. This clearly depicts that He had a sharp intelligence. He was spontaneous in His response.

After completing His High School at Gadarwara, He went to Jabalpur for getting an admission in Science College. In those days, Osho Sannyasins used to wear Orange colored Lungi-Kurta (Kind of Indian dress) and a Mala having Osho’s Picture. Osho Shailendra ji had long curly hair at that time. Reaching the College, on Ground He met somebody to whom He asked the directions for Principal’s office. The same person replied: you would not get an admission here. On inquiring the reason from that man, Osho Shailendra ji got to know that he was the principal of the College. Osho Shailendra ji inquired – “On what basis would you not give me the admission?” On the basis of marks, He owned all the merits and right to get admission. He was really a deserving student and had secured distinction in each subject. He had been duly gifted National Scholarship from the President. The principal showed his antagonistic attitude towards Osho and disliking particularly towards the dress of a Sannyasin.

Osho Shailendra ji stated – “Is there any dress code of College? If there is any, I would maintain the rules and abide by the regulations but since there is not, I should be allowed to wear these orange clothes of a Sannyasin. When a Sardar is allowed to wear a turban, a Hindu to wear the thread – Janeu, where does a problem comes when I am wearing Orange colored Lungi Kurta with a Mala.

On further denial next day Osho Shailendra ji went to Principal’s office with 5 relatives of educational background. They all tried to convince the Principal by explaining him the worth of Osho Shailendra ji to get admission in the college. Seeing his reluctance and adamant behavior one of them said to the Principal – you are being unfair and are discriminating on religious beliefs, so let court be the deciding force. With this pressure, he answered – Okay, I would give the admission but not let him pass, that is in my hands. Listening to this reply from Principal, Shailendra ji stood up and said – Now, I do not want admission in such a college where the Principal is so bias and prejudiced. May be I am meant to do something else. He took His documents, certificates and returned.

In those days, Keertan Mandali (dancing singing groups) used to create awareness amongst masses about Osho and also served as a chance to distribute pamphlets and literature of Osho to people. Shailendra ji joined one such mandali in Gujarat. For 3 months, He continued going daily spreading Osho’s handbills to masses. After that, Osho asked to discontinue the feature of Keertan Mandali. Following Master’s Guidelines, Shailendra ji returned to his hometown Gadarwara.

Swami Sukhraj Bharti (Osho’s childhood friend) lived around 80 Km away from Gadarwara in a lonely forest place near Narmada river, called Satdhara. He invited Osho Shailendra ji to join a Private College situated at a nearby town, Barman. Shailendra ji’s father also gave his consent on the proposal. It was around November when Osho Shailendra ji went to stay with Sukhraj Bharti. It was a small college where high school teachers used to come and teach. The distance between house and College was about 3 Kms. Being away from the village, the house didn’t have electricity. No fan, No bulbs. But, There was a beautiful river flowing by adjacent to the home where Osho Shailendra ji spent most of His time. During summer months, the place became very hot, due to black stones With such unfavorable conditions for studies, He enjoyed swimming during the day and walking on the bridge over Narmada during night. Naming this period, Osho Shailendra ji calls it “A Very Good Phase of My Life” which was mostly spent in silence, solitude. The affinity towards nature started growing more and more. Spending most of the time with river, He enjoyed that span of life with awe and wonder. He devoted very little time to studies. After 5 months, He gave exams and returned home.

After a month or so, His father got a call from a journalist to fetch Shailendra ji’s picture for the newspaper. Investigating from the editor, father came to know, that Shailendra ji had topped the whole University of Sagar. Shailendra ji had not ever thought to pass. He didn’t even go to see the result of the examination. After the call, He went to see the result and got surprised that He had topped the university.

Sukhraj Bharti ji had his agricultural business thus had a wish of Shailendra ji doing further studies in agricultural science. Osho Shailendra ji solicited Osho’s view on the matter of His further studies whereby Osho directed to opt for Medical studies. He started doing preparation for Pre Medical Test. Its description can be best in His own words – “As far as Physics, Chemistry and Biology were concerned I was good at them but there was a fourth mandatory subject – General Knowledge. Learning it was the toughest part of the preparation of PMT exam for me. I was hardly connected to the activities and events happening in the world. I didn’t have any of their updates. I was like an alien to the subject of G.K. Anyway, I secured fourth position in entire state of Madhya Pradesh. Except G.K, my score was highest in other 3 subjects”.

This throws light on another fact – that He had sharp intelligence but no good memory. Due to meditation He had peaceful and receptive mind. Day-by-day being watchful of His thoughts, His mind became more and more empty and remained blank.

He had a cousin brother named – Dr. Paresh who was 3-4 years elder, he had purchased all books of medical college for Osho Shailendra ji. Swami ji had done His earlier studies in Hindi medium whereas all books of medical college were in English language. It became difficult for Him to go through them. It was necessary to keep a dictionary along all the time. And to read just one single page became an arduous job. As a background, I would also like to mention – while He was in His middle school – during that period continuously protest was going against English goods and language teaching. Thereby, English was taught, but the marks of that subject were not counted in the grand total. So none of them paid any heed to learn English. This created great inconvenience in learning in His medical studies. Realizing this, it was clear in His mind that the studies cannot happen by reading books so he started listening to lectures with due care and attention. On basis on those lectures, He made short, pinpointed notes which had diagrammatic illustration & representation. They were not elaborated but those containing everything in, as short as possible. The ratio was like this- 1hour lecture was represented by 1page notes. He didn’t even enter the library of college ever. Contrary to the opinion of most of the people, for Him, medical studies were quite simple and easy. His notes were passed and circulated to other students and to next batches too.

Once in every 6 months, He used to go to Pune ashram to see Osho and used to express His wish to come to Ashram permanently. Osho always instructed, first complete your studies. And asked Him, How much is left?

As He completed M.B.B.S, only first 25 rankers had an opportunity to get seats directly for Post Graduation. Though being one of the Merit Holders, He hardly had any interest in it. Many classmates tried persuading Him for choosing subject of their choice for Post Graduation because when He would leave His seat would be vacant and there can be chance for their preference. Giving no importance to this matter, He left for being with Master Osho to Pune.

Understanding of Death – A precious gift:
“My intense search for ultimate truth which became a long nightmare, finally turned out to be a cosmic joke. Can you tell me what it actually was- a nightmare or a joke? When I took life as a serious problem, it appeared like an insoluble puzzle. And, when I dropped that foolish attitude, my gestalt changed completely.

When my grandmother died in 1971, I felt very sad, and miserable, because of some negative interpretation that I had drawn from that event. I considered death as a suffering. This was a fiction. Those who have come back after experiencing near-death phenomena say that death is not a suffering at all. It is such a joyful phenomenon, a natural process, and the nature takes our full care during death. When I look back, it is obvious that my grandmother, bed ridden for past seven months, due to paralysis caused by brain hemorrhage, got relieved from all those disabilities and physical sufferings. I myself survived a bomb blast in 1981 and considered death as frightening and the end of life, at that time. This again was my fiction. After having out-of-body experiences in Amrit Samadhi, now I know that death is a natural Samadhi, provided one dies in relaxation. It is a great opportunity to realize the Self, if one has learned a little art of meditation. It is not the end, but culmination of this life. We have been here in many lives, and we will be here again and again in different bodies. This life is a small episode of an endless series. There is nothing frightening in death; on the contrary it is an enlightening process, a precious gift from nature.

My father, Swami Devateerth Bharti became enlightened on early morning of September 8, 1979, and left his body the same evening. His death was celebrated, and Osho announced that this day should be celebrated every year as Mahaparinirvana Day, in the sacred memory of all those sannyasins, which left or will leave their bodies enlightened.”

Multiple Dimensional aspects

He is a friendly person but His friendship is not in particular directed towards some person. Friendliness is His quality of life. Or, in other words it can be said, He is nor anybody’s friends neither anybody’s enemy. Actually, He is so contented that the need for other does not arise. This is applicable to His love life. Being so introvert and enough unto oneself, there comes hardly any possibility for approaching someone to be His Beloved. He came to know through Suman (Daughter of Sukhraj Bharti ji) – one of her colleague named Amrit Priya (now known as Ma Osho Priya) is fond of Him and feels love in Her heart towards Him. His inner self felt liking responding to Ma Osho Priya’s love. Gradually, they started meeting, interacting to each other. Ma Osho Priya’s inclination towards music was Osho Shailendra ji’s first pull towards Her. Next, Ma Osho Priya had great spiritual quest and was a sincere seeker, dedicated towards Her meditation. This became the common and most strong binding factor for them. Their relation started emerging as spiritual one and had different dimensions attached to it. Ma also belonged to a family of spiritual people – Ma’s father and elder brother named Deep were also Osho Sannyasins. Ma attended first camp in 1972 at Mount Abu. Ma was initiated even before this camp, she had already received Her Mala and New Name from Osho, by post.

During Ma’s first year in M.A. She went to Pune ashram for long span of 3 months. When She returned the syllabus had proceeded far ahead. Osho Shailendra ji took Her books of Logic and Philosophy, went through them first and then explained it to her, helping her cope up with the lag behind in syllabus. Around in mid 1979, both of them completed their studies and reached Pune ashram to stay in shade of Master Osho almost same time. Osho Shailendra ji’s all family members were also there united at same time after 6 years. Finding this moment as perfectly suitable, on 8th May, 1979 they got married to each other.

Ma knew very little household work. But this became a boon in disguise for Her. She had Osho Shailendra ji’s mother as Her role model and started learning every little work like cleaning, arranging things, clothes, making food and so on from her. Her sincerity, egoless learning attitude made Her fit perfectly well in the family like sugar in milk. She learned cooking very well from her mother in law.

Another important feature of Osho Shailendra ji is He likes to speak less. He is not much of communicative person. Major word that He used all His life is YES. Enjoys His aloneness in midst of nature doing nothing. He also relishes activities like swimming, walking, singing, cracking jokes and flying kites. Even while flying kites, He didn’t cut someone else’s kite. He flew His kite at odd times when hardly anyone else would be flying kites. He didn’t enjoy playing games as somehow games are associated with the nourishment ego derives by wining or making others loose. He never participated in any kind of debate or discussions. His interest in other unknowingly declined and felt merry with the Self. He stayed approximately for 5 and half years in hostel but very few people heard Him even speak. He stayed for entire college life in same room of hostel, while other students changed hostel buildings and rooms every year. He remained unnoticed by neighbors.

Another facet of Him is He has no much inquisitive or curious nature. It can be explained with an example – Once He was in Oshodhara Gangotri Dham in Chitwan. He was returning to His own room from Osho Siddhartha ji’s room, it was around 10 at night. He saw a shinning white sheet like thing spread on the lawn. It was milky white. He saw, came to His room, and covered His face with blanket. Around 45 minutes later Ma came in the room. She also observed the same mysterious thing. She shook swami ji and told about this surprise. He said: “I did notice, this is how it is; let us go to sleep.” Accepting this fact] soon they both went to sleep. Next day morning when Bade swami ji was informed this, He said how could you both sleep? You could have at least came and told me. He explained: It is a way angel’s showering their blessings.

Osho Shailendra ji accepts that Life is mysterious and to explore its meaning is like violence. For Him, knowledge is a form of violence. This is also relevant to His meditative life. There is no specific Goal setting and Targeting. There is a deep reverence for life’s mystery within Him. Another important component comprising Him is – No evaluation and judgment for things, events and especially when people are concerned. Therefore, people of eccentric mind often accumulated around Him. He neither has respect or disrespect towards them; nor appraise or criticism towards their individuality. A group of misfit musicians gathered around Him at Amlai and created ‘Orchestra Guldasta’.

I vividly remember Him doing each work as an art, worship. Being keen to know the secret behind this, I once asked Him – how is this manageable? How can it be possible for you to do any work with so much joy?

He explained it by narrating the instance that brought about this radical change in His working pattern. He used to walk from His home to the OPM Hospital while working. This travel was complimentary for his duty, his job. He likes to go for evening and morning walk. He travelled the same path for his morning, evening walk and also for going to office.

One day He heard in Osho’s discourse – a story of 3 labours.
A man was crossing from a construction site where he saw Many people working. The first man was tiresome, looked irritated and frustrated. The traveler went near him and asked – O Dear Friend! What are you doing? He looked up in annoyance and said – can’t you see I am breaking stones, doing the crap masonry work. The traveler left him and moved ahead where he saw another man doing the same work but he was not so irritated & disturbed. Going near him, he repeated the same question – O Dear Friend! What are you doing? In a low voice, the 2nd labour replied: I am earning my livelihood. I am doing my duty so I can get daily bread for my family. Marching few steps ahead, the traveler found a 3rd labour full of joy, excitement and thrill. He was also cutting stones but his work had a quality of contentment in it. He was singing hymns of divine and had a grace in his actions. Irresistibly the traveler again asked the same question to him. To his surprise the labour answered: I am contributing my bit in the creation of temple of God.

While narrating this story, Osho further explained in that discourse – we all have 3 options in our lives to do any job. We can take that work as a burden or a duty or a worship. Being motivated after listening to this discourse, Osho Shailendra decided to choose the 3rd option. While walking from home, he remembered the same thing – this act of walking can be joyful too if I do it with the feel as I do my morning walk; and this thought brought 180 degree turn in the attitude. He reached to the hospital, on his table He kept a note on paper – “3rd Labour” so as to keep reminding Him to work as that 3rd labour. He started enjoying treating patients. After few weeks the sign of “3rd Labour” was removed, as there was no need to reminding it anymore. He developed this new quality and succeed in enjoying everything.

Creation and Destruction of Ranjeeshpuram in Oregaon, USA

Osho Shailendra ji went to Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, USA in 1981 and lived with Osho thereby till 1985. The entire process of creating a city in USA was complicated. Oregon was like an arid desert with extreme temperatures. But with Osho’s grace, it was possible by hard work and dedication of Sannyasins to make an oasis there. Working for as long as 12-16 hours a day in such unfavorable climatic conditions, impossible was made possible. A whole city was created. Huge construction was done. All modern facilities for living of 5000 people were made available. Entire network of roads, water supply system, electric cables, telephone lines etc. were set. It had flourished as a wonderful place with hotel, post office, bank, book stores, shopping mall, play grounds, swimming pools, lakes, 100 public buses and 5 aircrafts for transport, and so on….! It was indeed heaven brought on Earth. It had rigorous effects on spiritual growth, day after day of thousands of sannyasins who were devoted, totally surrendered towards the master.

But due to political situations and enmity with US Government and President – this paradise was completely destroyed. Sannyasins had seen their world being ruined. They even tried to assassinate Osho but yet Existence wanted Him to return back safe and so did he. I once asked Osho Shailendra ji – didn’t it hurt you to see Rajneeshpuram being shattered in front of your eyes leaving you helpless and empty handed. The answer He gave was no ordinary man’s words. Neither were they just words, it had His sheer feelings. He said – “We were happy – Though Rajneeshpuram is destroyed…, despite of all this, yet Osho is with us and that’s what is most important for me. What would have been Rajneeshpuram without Osho? Osho was the central, most intrinsic part of the commune and the commune was the periphery. If the center existed the periphery can be created again and it came up in the form of Osho Commune International at Pune, India. If something similar would have happened to any of us, we would have cried for it over and over years.

To conclude up this incident, we all have much in our hands and lives but we waste our life looking for what we have lost and in that process we even loose what we have! It is high time – just wake up & feel gratitude towards all that we have. Do not miss this important opportunity called LIFE. We are blessed to have Osho and Sadguru Trivir in our lives. Remember and cherish it!

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