MBS International School,Dwarka hosts a charity Runathon

MBS International School, Dwarka, in the pursuit of athletic excellence proved it right that ‘Sport should be in your blood or veins, Not in the Joints or Bones’.

MBS acquainted young students with the basic concept of exercise by hosting Runathon 2016 where the parents gave in their 100% and became true role models for the younger generation.

The guests of honour for the event were Col. Parvinder Singh, Mrs. Muklesh Singh and Mrs. Mona Singh reminding us that ‘Victory is in the quality of competition and not the final score’.

Activities like Zumba, Medals for the finishers were highlights of the day. Our co-hosts were ’Run with me Foundation’ There was active and enthusiastic participation by people of all age groups from Delhi and NCR who whole heartedly supported the NGO ‘Eternal Prayer Fellowship’.