All pathy consensus on prevention of lifestyle disorders

Inaugurating a day-long conference on all pathy consensus on Prevention of Lifestyle Disorders, Acharya Dr. Sadhvi Sadhna Ji Maharaj, Chairperson of the World Fellowship of Religions, said that such a conference, arriving an all pathy consensus on prevention of lifestyle disorders, was the need of the day. Over 500 doctors from various pathies – Naturopathy, Ayurved, Homeopathy, Yoga participated in the conference. The panelists included Dr. KK Aggarwal, Dr. S.C. Manchanda, Dr. Amita Manchanda, Dr. Anupam Sethi Malhotra, Dr. R.K. Manchanda, Dr. V.K. Chauhan, Dr. V.K. Gupta, Dr. V.K. Khanna, Dr. A.K. Sharma, Dr. B.N. Sinha, Dr. Rakhi Mehra, Dr. Shashi Bala, Dr. S.K. Mishra, Dr. V.K. Tripathi, Dr. S.N. Yadav, Dr. Raman Kapoor, Dr. R.K. Tuli, Shri Ashok Aggarwal, Shri Narender Shri, Dr. Padmesh Dubey, Acharya Dr. Sadhvi Sadhna Ji Maharaj, Shri A.K. Merchant, Sh. Malekar, BK Sapna, BK Sangeeta, Dr. Pranav Pandya.

Few of the consensus statements were:

◦One should eat seasonal and locally grown fruits and vegetables.
◦One should not take trans fats.
◦One should avoid fermented food after sunset.
◦One should eat less after the age of 18 to increase longevity.
◦One should exercise everyday.
◦One should go for an annual detoxification of the mind, body and soul process.

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