The almighty God and the rainy city


Class- IV
R.D. Rajpal Public School,
In a city one girl named Suhani, was living.  The weather of the city was very rainy. All people belong to that city were very sad about it. One day Suhani  prayed to God that rain will stop and summer will come in place of rain. The Almighty God came and fulfilled her wish.  Very soon there were summers but nobody was happy because they were feeling very hot and tired. Now Suhani Prayed to the God that there would be cold days. The Almighty God fulfilled her wish again. There were cold days but now also nobody was happy because they were freezing with cold. Now she again prayed that there would be spring season for whole year.  Now there were spring days started. First they were happy than secondly they were sad because animals ate all the fruits, vegetables, and leaves, and there was no food to eat. Then Suhani again prayed that if rainy, summer, winter and spring come one by one accordingly throughout the year so everyone will be happy. Because all seasons have their own importance. The Almighty God fulfilled her this wish too and disappeared. This last wish gave happiness to everyone.
Moral : Whatever you have, be happy and satisfied in that.

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