An open letter to Chief Minister of Delhi Mr. Kejriwal

Dear Mr. Kejriwal / Residents of Delhi 

Today I am ashamed of saying that I am a resident of Delhi. We talk about progress where we have all forgotten the basic human tendencies. There is a place called Dabri More where a person has a room built on the road, ensuring that only 1 vehicle can enter at a time in Dwarka and surrounding areas from Janakpuri side. There is an average traffic jam of 1 – 2 hours at most of the times of the day. This has been happening for last more than 1 year. Think of the amount of fuel & man hours wasted daily by Thousands of people there. This results in traffic going through the other lane, which causes huge traffic jams of up to 1 km, as everybody is in a hurry. Today because of that traffic jam, Firebrigade tenders got stuck 100 metres away from a burning building, and were helpless as everybody wanted to move their vehicles before letting the fire tenders through. There were 25 DTC buses in the traffic, who did not let the fire tender through and wanted to cross the Jam before letting the Fire Tenders through. I was totally Disgusted with the attitude people had towards such a critical situation. I was trying to help and was there for at least 90 mins, and left after the Fire Tenders reached near the Building. Please Share so that Delhi Govt. can decide wether wasting crores of INR and Man Hours daily is more important or preserving the room built in the middle of the road by some fool which is a bottleneck for traffic.

Citizen’s reporter
Ajay Gupta