Worship and Service to Humanity Should be Done Together

Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

Virtues can be learned and integrated in life by putting them into practice. One has to plunge into a pool to learn swimming. One has to go to a wrestling club to learn wrestling. One has to take help of musical instrument to learn music. In the same way, one must regularly perform worship and related rituals to enhance their feelings of devotion to God.

Student needs to use notepad, book, pen, ink, etc. to study.Scientists need many types of equipment, chemicals and a laboratory to carry out their scientific investigations. Similarly, one will have to set up a routine of staying occupied in doing good deeds in order to learn and ingrain good virtues in their life.

One cannot acquire any virtue or develop a deep devotion to it just by thinking about it or having a desire to acquire it (but doing nothing actively about it). Therefore, if you do experience the usefulness and importance of certain good virtues and really wish to integrate them in your life, you should start constantly applying them on daily basis in at least some sort of good deeds. You should be willing to put into action any thought or idea you may feel to be useful.