Analysis of happenings in exposure (non-exposure) of Indians having black money in foreign bank-accounts

Guinness Record Holder & RTI Activist

It is beyond understanding what new emerged for general public out of Supreme Court verdict followed by Union government in submitting list of 627/628 Indians having foreign bank-accounts, legal or illegal, which was immediately handed over by Supreme Court to Special Investigating Team (SIT) to which Union government had already submitted the same four months back on 27.06.2014.

However significant feature of Supreme Court verdict was that Union government will no more be allowed for selective disclosures. Many doubt that ‘bargain’ could be the reason behind selective disclosures, because at least two out of three persons whose names were disclosed by Union government countered allegations by stressing that their foreign bank-accounts were legal and disclosed to tax-authorities. Union government did not counter their claims.

Union government should fulfill its pre-poll promise by making complete list of foreign bank-accounts public leaving the listed persons to clear their positions in the manner two out of the earlier three disclosed persons did.

Continuous fall (or stabilizing) of gold-prices despite festive and marriage seasons coupled with news-reports about increased gold-smuggling may be due to bring back black money back to India through gold-route. Timing of re-issue of Kisan Vikas Patras earlier used also in parking black money, matches with public-demand for disclosure of list of holders foreign bank-accounts!