Role of Bar Associations in Judicial Reform

DCBA DWARKA hold its Third Annual General Boby Meeting on 01-03-2008, Saturday at District Court Complex Dwarka, New Delhi-110075 to discuss the future planning to strengthen the Bar and the emphasis was the Role of Bar Associations in Judicial Reform.The meeting started with the welcome address to the senior members of the Bar. On this occasion, Sh. V. Shekhar Sr. Advocate, Supreme Court was the Chief Guest. Sh. R. M. Tewari (Standing Counsel CBI)-the President of the association, welcomed all the members present on this occasion. He also assured the members on behalf of the Executive Committee that we have given various suggestions and representations to the Hon’ble Chief Justice Delhi High Court and Hon’ble Judges of the Building Maintenance Committee for the facilities and amenities required in the newly constructed court complex to avoid any inconvenience to the public as well as members of the Bar.He further warned that the executive members of the other association should restrain from passing any comment about this bar. We are the body registered under the Societies Registration Act and functioning as an independent entity for the welfare of the members of our Bar.The association is working excellently and in its short span has been established its importance in the legal arena.Besides this, DCBA, have also been inviting local RWAs, various Associations, NGOs and the dignified members of the society to join them and discuss the matters of public importance.
Hony. Secretary Sh. P. S. Singh presented the Balance sheet for the financial year 2006-2007 and other agenda which was passed by the house after discussion. He also proposed to pass a resolution for further enhancement of the facilities including lawyer’s chambers for all the advocates enrolled with this bar association. He informed the members that a piece of land measuring 6172 Mtrs. has already been allotted for this purpose.Our aim is to strengthen and reform the Judicial System the “Lawyers play a key role in ensuring that the principles of natural justice through fair hearing and equality before the law are respected. In these several capacities, Lawyers’ duty are to promote the interest of the State and serve the Courts of Justice, maintain the authority and dignity of the courts, be faithful to his clients, candid and courteous/respectful in his dealings with his fellows, and true to himself.
DCBA, which has been registered under the Society Registration ACT, has over 800 members on its roll. The Vision of the Association is: “an empowered lawyer’s community contributes towards the establishment of just and equitable society”.We are guided by our Core Values, which are: Respect, Integrity, Empathy, Commitment and Excellence.Sh. V. Shekhar, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India in his speech said that DCBA is one of the premier institutions in Delhi having dignified members of the bar who are committed for the Reforms in Judiciary and playing vital role to achieve that.
Dr. R. N. Thakur, Advocate, formerly professor in Indian Institute of Public Administration in his speech stressed the need of training for the Young Lawyers who are joining this noble profession and suggested the bar to set up a training course for them as well as refresher course for other advocates also to make them up-to-date with the changing social scenario in our prudent Democracy.
Colonel K. Digamber Singh one of the senior member suggested to give a representation to the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Delhi High Court to frame a uniform rules for the allotment of Lawyers Chambers in all the District Court Complex, so that every needy members of the Bar should get the chambers.Sh. J. M.Kalia, Vice- President of the association delivered the Vote of thanks to the members and emphasized the role of Bar association to train the young Advocate and also requested the Senior Advocates to pay the young lawyers a handsome amount while working as Juniors to boost their morale.Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information ServicesLink to main Workout Programs page