Say NO to domestic violence

The issue of gender-based violence in India has been creeping up the policy agenda over the past couple of years. And with substantial data, it proves one thing: rampant domestic violence against women in India is a reality.#Domesticviolence is a universal scourge that tears at the fabric of communities and threatens the life, health, and happiness of the affected women. Although women today have proven themselves in almost every field of life, affirming that they are no less than men, the reports of violence against women are much higher in number than those against men. Reasons for it being so prevalent are the mindset of the society that women are physically and emotionally weaker than the males and the economical dependence of the females. Women suffering from violence have more chances of suffering from physical, emotional, and mental problems such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Regarding different forms of violence, slapping was the most commonly reported act of physical violence. Approximately, 30% of females reported being slapped by their husband at least once till the date of the interview, and 17.2% reported being slapped at least once in the last 12 months. The next most common act of physical violence was hair pulling or arms twisting (15.2%) and being pushed, shaken, or having something thrown at them (14.3%). Overall, 26.9% of women reported having experienced physical violence at the hands of their husbands, in laws and sons.

Domestic violence is a violation of a woman’s right to physical integrity, to liberty, and to her right to life itself. When a state fails to take proper steps needed to protect women from domestic violence or allow these crimes to be committed with impunity, states fail in their obligation to protect women from torture.The basic cause of violence is reinforced by religion and culture is the subordination compared to men. Violence is a means of reinforcing subordination. The General Assembly Resolution 48/104 states “violence is a manifestation of unequal power relation between men and women, which have led to domination over women by men and to the prevention of full advancement, and that violence is a crucial social mechanism by which women are forced into a subordinate position compared with men”.

#Case #study:Today I was invited to conference where I accompanied my colleague, Ria. She was looking all fine but when I just asked her that “How is She?” She got Burst into tears and said that “I am Ok.” I was knowing deep down that she wasn’t Ok. I gave her some time and during networking lunch again asked is everything fine with her. She nodded and again her eyes were filled with tears. I took her to my house and then she told me all that happened with her. Her 15 years old son beats her. Her husband tortured her emotionally and physically. It is completely inhuman to beat any one irrespective of gender. I was filled with anger. I relaxed her and listen her misiries. While narrating her circumstances she broke many times and finally exposed her scars. We as an educated Women should help our oppressed friends and soul sisters.

We can find many such Ria’s among ourselves. Don’t hide and but come out. If you want to help such females or If you the victim of domestic violence then Contact #AkpHealingIndia (women Empowerment branch) at 9619366763. 

“#Stand #up for #yourself”
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Dr. #AmitkaurPuriFounder and President Akp Healing India.