Attacking Own House-Killing 132 children

Rakesh Manchanda

16th.Dec-2014 was a sad day.

Gandhian principals can only keep the humanity together-An Eye for an Eye makes the world blind.

132 school children and one lady teacher including 145 dead were killed in Peshawar and thousands were kept hostage.

At present there is a weak People`s pressure on Governments both in Pak-India and Taliban(Muslims and Hindu fundamentalist).

Terrorists and fundamentalists get shelter and protection by Sarkar (Government) which works in the favour of 1% lobby including terrorists.

Back home in India instead of fighting for poverty as promised by Modi ji before election the PM-Modi team is fighting for `conversions` by using bribes.

Both PM Modi and PM-Nawaz Shariff fail to remove greedy fundamentalists from Power.

There is nothing like a good terrorist and a bad terrorist as justified by politicians.

Seeds of terrorism are sowed within the society when the politicians compromise.

India in the past and even today is suffering from Nathu Ram Godse culture and Bhinderwala culture while America is responsible to shape up Osama Bin Laden.

Terrorists need to stop and global citizens need to wake up to put pressure on their Nagar Sevaks to keep at least children and women secured.