Bio Truck World Expedition at Sri Venkateshwar International School, Sector-18, Dwarka

The Eco- Club of school hosted Mr. Andy Pag, Mr. Ravitej Mago & Eco –Crusaders of class VIII from VIS 10 & Mount Carmel School on 6th May 2010.

Mr. Andy Pag, the leader of the expedition is currently in India for his eco-friendly world tour. He has been travelling on a Truck energized by Biodiesel and Solar Energy which cuts down on green house gas emission. A very good example of future technology! Andy has travelled from U.K. to India and covered many countries on his way spreading awareness.

Andy conducted a workshop for the students of middle-school to sensitize them towards the degradation of environment and the role that one individual can play in minimizing the carbon footprints. This great Endeavour of human spirit taken by Andy made them aware of the present dangers of global warming and impending fuel shortage and helped the students to act & look out for effective and practical solutions to these problems. The students were then shown the interiors of the truck used by Andy to understand it’s functioning. His truck runs on the bio diesel prepared from used vegetable oil, methanol and caustic soda by a process of transesterification.
This interesting expedition taken up Andy Pag is indeed the need of the hour and the students. The Principal, Ms. Nita Arora appreciated the effort towards minimizing the carbon footprints and also thanked Mr. Ravitej Mago of Mago Construction Ltd., a co-sponsor for this expedition. The Eco-Club in charges Ms. Renuka & Ms. Monica Sharma along with the Class Coordinator made the visit memorable.

Andy interacted with the Eco Club students and was highly impressed with the questions asked by the students. Finally, the transport department of school also interacted with Mr. Andy to learn more about bio diesel & its preparation.