हम बूँद – बूँद के लिए क्यों तरसे ?

जब आकाश से धरती पर पानी बरसे
हम बूँद – बूँद के लिए क्यों तरसे ?

Smt. Sheila Dikshit, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi
and Chairperson, DJB

Rainwater harvesting is a simple, economical and eco-friendly technique of preserving every drop of water by guiding the rainwater that falls to borewells, pits and wells through small diameter pipes. Let us all work together to overcome the problem of water scarcity in Delhi by harvesting this precious bounty of nature. Join the Rain Water Harvesting Drive.

Benefits Of Rainwater Harvesting

Quality of Groundwater improves
Raises the water levels in wells and borewells that are drying up.
Mitigates the effects of drought and achieves drought – proofing.
An ideal solution to water problem in areas having inadequate water resources.
Reduces the soil erosion as the surface runoff is reduced.
Choking of storm water drains and flooding of roads decreases.
Saving of Energy: To lift ground water, one meter rise in water level saves about 0.40 kilo watt hour of electricity.

Delhi GOVT is giving Financial Assistance up to Rs. One lac to registered Resident Welfare Association/ Co-operative Group Housing Societies/ Institutions etc.
To enthuse people and aclnowledge the efforts of those who have adopted rainwater harvesting, the annual Chief Minister;s best Harvester Awards have been instituted in two categories.

Be prepared. ACT now…OR…keep complaining…
Call Delhi Jal Boards’s Rain Water Harvesting Assistance cell – 23558264, 23678380-82, ext.227