Brain Storming Session of the Police Academy held at HYDERABAD

Mr. RAJENDRA DHAR was officially invited by the SARDAR VALLABHAI PATEL NATIONAL ACADEMY, HYDERABAD for presenting a paper at the Brain Storming Session of the Police Academy on 28.08.2012.

The Paper presented by him was acknowledged by all IPS Officers attending the Session as the best ever Paper presented by anyone at the Police Academy. The same is posted below :

The urgent need for sensitising all constituents of the “criminal justice system” as regards the deplorable plight of the “victims of crime” more particularly the police

To sensitise the participants to the effects that crime and human rights violations may have on the victims of crime.

To identify steps that States must take in order to provide redress and protection for victims of crime and violations of their rights.

To increase the participants awareness of the importance of their potential as Police Officers in protecting victims of crime & their right to justice as per the law of the land.

What are the needs, problems and interests of victims of crime?

What problems are being faced by victims of crime and what is being done to remedy the situation by the police?

What is being done about vulnerable groups of victims, such as abused women and children?

What measures are being taken by the police in the country to help protect witnesses, informers & whistle blowers, whose lives may be in danger following their testimony? Are those measures being implemented in practice by the police as they should be implemented?

Whether a person is a victim of crime & human rights violations, the essential role of the police in responding effectively to the problems, needs and rights of the victim concerned must be foremost.

Members of the police force must not only be courteous and show understanding; they must also have a sound knowledge of human rights law and be prepared at all times to act impartially and independently in the pursuit of justice.

Unless the Police are not given the liberty to act promptly, vigorously and effectively in response to alleged human rights violations, human rights will largely remain a dead letter for victims of crime & as rightly said by Hon’ble Chief Justice of India that the Human Rights Charter as it stands today in practice is only making the life of the criminals easy & the life of the law abiding citizens a virtual hell.

It is for all government to grant the Senior Police Officers the independence to take the lead in enforcing not only human rights law but all the laws of the land with respect to“VICTIMS OF CRIME” by quickly & vigorously investigating and prosecuting the perpetrators of crime & persons who violate the individual rights of the “VICTIMS OF CRIME” and their right to restitution.