Katrina v/s Loveena

Prem Babu sharma
Katrina (Sheila) Kaif might be flying high with her latest item number rocking the charts…but she’s sure going to face some tough competition from another ‘hottie’ this Christmas eve. We’re talking about Loveena – the Miss Toonpur! Loveena’ is the most popular damsel in Toonpur – she’s hot, sexy and can drive you crazy with her ‘adaas’. And she is a diehard romantic who falls in love with Ajay Devgn the moment she sets her eyes on him! Loveena lives and breathes romance, flirting openly with Ajay much to the chagrin of his wife Kajol, who warns Ajay to stay away from Loveena.

So this 24th Dec, while on one hand we have Katrina Kaif dancing on ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ in Tees Mar Khan, there’s Loveena on the other side matching her steps with Ajay Devgn on the groovy number ‘Let’s go to Toonpur’ from Kireet Khurana’s Toonpur Ka Superrhero, India’s first live animation film.Well, we’ll sure be whistling for Loveena!