DDA; Mute Spectator to Encroachment on Public Land!

The above collage of pics show how a Building Material Supplier shop (Maa Santoshi Building Material Supplier) has come up on a piece of public land at Dwarka Sector one adjacent to the Veterinary Hospital near Palam – Dwarka Flyover. The person first got trucks of building material and dumped therein. Following this he constructed a wall around the area to separate it from the service road out there.

As far as I could find out, this land is supposed to a green area on the road side but has turned into a shop of a building material supplier. This is a classic example of how public lands are being encroached upon in brad day light and nobody cares. DDA (Delhi Development Authority) is the custodian of this land and majority of the land in Dwarka area but it seems the concerned officials are either a part of this vicious circle or have never cared to go out and see what is happening at their land.

A mail was sent to the Dwarka Chief Engineer (cedwk@dda.org.in) and the DDA Vice-Chairman (vcdda@dda.org.in) on 14th March 2014 with all above photographs by a Social Activist Friend (Shri. Arun Banerjee) demanding immediate action before more encroachment takes place on this land, but today (3rd April 2014) the problem is still as it was about a month back. This is another proof as to DDA being a mute spectator or a part of the group encroaching on the public land for personal gains.

We will be writing again to the Chief Engineer and the Director (Horticulture) for removal of this encroachment immediately and DDA Vigilance Department for action against the concerned officials who allowed this encroachment to come or/and did not take action against the guilty.

Citizen’s reporter
Shobhit Chauhan

With inputs and support from  Arun Banerjee