BSES or Govt. have no intention to remove Darkness of Dwarka

In Dwarka most of the Cooperative Group Housing Societies Have Single Point Delivery and NO chance of any Theft. Where in CGHS have direct connection(multiple) the meters installed in common areas meter room also have no chance of any theft. The same is case with DDA Pockets. I have notice almost all the HT & LT transformers installed meters which clearly show the reading and consumption thereby ZERO THEFT in Dwarka Sub-City. While the neighbouring villages and unauthorised colonies it is other way around. They conduct once in a while a raid 1 premise or other. over 60 % of the Urbanised Villages and Unauthorised colonies are running COMMERCIAL Activity. However refrain from taking Heavy Load supply or reading. With muscle power and Political influence the THEFT is high. So as rightly pointed out BSES or Govt have no intention to arrest the theft so they Burden the law abiding innocent citizen/consumers.
Then comes to another important theft by BSES: Over 50% street light are down at any given time. While the billing to DDA/PWD/MCD are remain same. For example for Dwarka each Street light DDA pays Rs. 111.18 + Actual Power Consumption is being paid.  This is the case entire Delhi, they have Public Grievance Cell in Power Department which on PAPER claims 100% grievance redressal, while we  know the facts.
For Dwarka when erstwhile DVB had taken money from DDA (which is now with BSES) to make all HT/LT line underground as per Master Plan. While BSES taken over they have not implemented this important aspect to save huge amount. After rigorous follow 2-3 sectors they have done underground cabling rest still remain same. There is HUGE Saving for BSES on this while the amount already received.
There will be many such points..
We may pray for Lokpal Bill .. till then probably suffer ?

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