Calling The Right Number

Joginder Singh

With all the modern conveniences and entertainment available, most people would be under the impression, that the life can be action packed. Nonetheless, a lot people feel a void in their lives, leading to disinterest and boredom. Depression and stress is no less in the modern life, than it was in the past. Crimes like killing , rape, cheating and theft continue at the same level. Cravings for material things and get rich quickly or acquire material things immediately. When short cuts do not yield the desired results, the disappointments natural and hence crimes.
The solution, to this is, to eliminate negative forces, and have enough to do. Quite often it is too little to do, which leads to boredom. Another solution is, to simplify your life style, have simple interests and intimate friendships and relationships. Also recall, the happy memories with your family , friends and colleagues. Indulge in outdoor activities like picnic, visiting friends, and play games regularly.
Respect the views, values, feelings and self esteem of others. Every individual is entitled, to be treated, with respect. Whatever may be generally said in favour of arguing forcefully, it is a fact, that an argument, will most likely generate bad blood and sometimes bring about conflicts. It is also true that without arguments you cannot present your case properly Arguments based on facts and reasons and politely done are the proper way to go about one’s business.
The arguments to be effective should not be used as a vehicle to release pent up feelings and not used for retaliation. Sometimes a casual remark is enough to put a person in a violent mood. This is particularly, when the same is unjustified.. An avoidable argument can ruin any relationship. Arguments with self opinionated and pompous people are best avoided. Nobody is a winner in any argument. The person loosing the argument is unhappy. The winner, instead of securing a friend, would probably have added an enemy to his list. If you must , then argue in a way that the other person does not feel that he is being coerced to agree with your logic.
Try to be in an uplifting and cheerful mood. Remember that a bad mood is always the result of a negative or depressing thought. The only remedy to reverse is to cancel them by thinking of the thoughts which cheer and uplift your mood. Mood is a very fragile and unpredictable commodity. But you can always change it by pleasing yourself and by appreciating yourself. Muster enough courage and energy to be in a good mood.Try to concentrate on the things which cheer you up.
Maintain high expectations of whatever you want to do or whatever you are doing. It is the high expectations, which are the secrets, to your achievement.
Many a times you would face situations in life which are depressing. At that time, read something which will cheer you up and inspire you.
Respect the views, values, feelings and self esteem of others. Every individual is entitled, to be treated, with respect.