NKBPS students participated in the UNICEF conference

A team of 20 NKBPS students of community outreach program participated in the UNICEF conference on 22.12.16. The conference was presided over by the chief guest of honour Ms Elsa Sherin Mathew and Ms Ipsita Sengupta,policy associate directors of UNHCR(United Nation high commission of refugees).The program commenced with a floral welcome by respected Principal mam .The students presented their respective projects to the panels for the discussion of various topics; like health,literacy,sanitation and environmental care. Various projects which the students of community outreach team have been doing were showcased to the representatives of UNHCR teams through their powerpoint presentations.

The outcome of the conference was to show how our students can collaborate with the UNHCR team to help the refugees by volunteering in their work, by organizing a health camp, including full body checkup, dental checkup, and eye check up camps for homeless people and children,providing free medicines and also collecting donations for them. A video call was also sent by Slawek Grudina, our ISA partner school in Poland named Grozik primary school,where the Bagrodians and the polish students have a cultural exchange program for the refugee children. The NKBPS UNICEF conference thus helped in the developmental and humanitarian assistances to the children through their voluntary services with the UNHCR team.