Jain Samaj Dwarka Celebrated Daslakshan Parva at Kanak Durga Apartments Plot N0 26, Sector12 in Dwarka, New Delhi from 9th September,2013 to 18th September, 2013. The parva started with the sthapana of the idol of sixteenth Jain Tirthankara Bhagwan Shantinath ji on 8th September, 2013 in a temporary Jin Chaityalay ( jain Temple) .During the period a large number of jain families , devotees from all the sectors of Dwarka and nearby area performed daily POOJA , ABHISHEK and Aarti of Bhagwan Shantinath ji from 6.30.am. to 10 am and also participated in various religious activities in the evening . “Sugandh Dashmai”— a ritual to sprinkle of DHOOP was performed on 14th September, 2013 whereas on 15th of September,2013 “Shanti Vidhan” was held in the morning in Jin Chaityalay.”Anant Chaturdashi” was observed on the last day of the Parva—18th of September, 2013. In the evening Aarti, Bhajans, Kirtan, and Pravachan by a learned scholar of Jain Darshan Pt. Satayendra kumar jain of Rajasthan were organized from 7 pm to 9 pm. Apart from this, various other religious activities such quiz and competitions were also conducted and devotees from all age and sex participated in these cultural and religious activities with tremendous enthusiasm. On the concluding day of the festival, i.e. on 22nd of September, 2013 “Kshama Vani Diwas”— a special function ” which carries a message to all living and non-living creatures in the world to FORGIVE OURSELVES for the deeds we have done either knowingly or unknowingly if such deeds have ever given any pain or hurt the feelings”- was organized under the sanidhya of Ailacharya Pragya Sagar Ji Muniraj . Sh. Praksah Chand jain expressed his views on Kshama Vani Diwas and also informed about the present status of Jain Samaj Dwarka. 

Dr. M.C. Jain, in his speed said this is a parva of self –introspection, self realization, self enlightenment and self achievement. He further said that this is a festival of self upliftment by holy observation of ten universal virtues. The cultural programs, presented by children of Palam Gaon and Jain Mahila Samaj , enlightening discourse and discussions on religious topics were also presented by members of the Jain community. Smt Indrani Jain also recited her beautiful poem on Kshama Diwas . His Holiness Ailacharya Pragya Sagar Ji Muniraj , on this occasion blessed the audience and expressed his views about the importance of “Kshama” in ones ‘life. He referred the old epics of Jain Dharma and said that since the period of Bhagwan Adinath Kshama day was popular. Jain Directory prepared by Sh. R.C.Jain was also dedicated to the Samaj. The program was concluded with Preeti Bhoj. 
Citizen’s Reporter: Dr. M.C.Jain