Devshi Khanduri joins Bollywood’s Zero Size bikini brigade

Abhishek dubey

Bollywood has always been thirsty for beautiful actresses in bikini, our bollywood beauties started slimming down for their films. In the recent few years, we have witnessed quite a few actresses with barely any flesh in their bodies, vying to embrace the size zero title in the industry. The trend of size zero has always existed in the western fashion industry. But, India witnessed something of that sort for the first time, after actress Kareena Kapoor pulled a size zero, the world watched the drama unspool much like a popcorn fare on celluloid. The skinny or size-zero figure is back in Bollywood, Here bollywood actress Devshi Khanduri has proved it with her latest Bikini Photoshoot she is not only hot but also has Zero figure. Devshi oozes oomph in a black bikini that accentuates her curves. She treats her fans with a sensuous avatar and did a sexy and scintillating photoshoot.

Devshi Khanduri said, “I love my body. And I hav worked very hard and sacrificed a lot to get zero figure size. My weight is 44 kg now and I feel so light like a feather now.”

Devshi khanduri likes to keep her body in perfect shape and for this she uses the yoga workouts. She uses the muscle toning yoga session which is an excellent choice for a workout. She performs kickboxing workouts and martial arts training to keep her fit. It also helps in enhancing the flexibility of the body. It helps in building the strength in her hips and thighs. It also helps in burning a lot of calories from the body. Devshi khanduri has a strict diet .she consumes lots of protein, takes steamed vegetables, fruits and lots of water in her diet. They take a little amount of complex carbohydrate, enough to replenish the body with the required energy.