Road Safety Program held at TIHS

‘Accident hurts, safety does not’.
Alert today, Alive tomorrow!

The morning of 9th May,2018 was not at all a usual morning for our students because it brought a sweet surprise for our little munchkins. A Road Safety Program was organized for the students of classes II and III under the aegis of BMW. 
After getting felicitated by the Principal Ms. Archana Narain , Mr.Arun Pahwa, a veteran in road safety rules, gave a detailed presentation on do’s and don’ts of traffic rules and road safety to the students. Not only a test ride, but students were also intimidated about the basics of traffic rules by the BMW squad by giving colourful books on Traffic rules and regulations. 
The dire need for wearing a helmet was stressed and they should be worn not only by the Moms and Dads but also by the Kids. The students of class II and III had the most amazing time as they rode gorgeous BMW kids’ cars. It was really lovely to see the school skating rink transform into a track for all the sparkling and dazzling beauties of BMW kids’ cars. 

Students had fun paddling and controlling the steering wheel with realistic start up and engine sounds. There was no end to students’ joys. Smitten by the car’s beauty, it was almost impossible to make them come out! Students have all the fun by taking turns ‘driving’, ‘swirling’ and ‘turning’!

Indeed, it was a dream come true for our future Narayan Kartikeyens.