Cities-Heaven or Hell? It is the way I & you make it?!

When,I was a child, my grand-mother used to tell me a story,every night before, I,went to sleep. Infact,that was the modus operandi adopted by the family to put me to sleep early.Being the eldest child, I was the favourite grandson of my “Dadi. My younger brother being very young in age just about 3 [i was five] stayed with the mother . The stories related to me by Dadi were of various kinds but,the ones on which I asked many questions about was about Hell & Heaven. Conditions which prevailed in two areas were explained in detail & many queries which I had about these were explained but not to my satisfaction but,the exercise was enough to put me to sleep.

Though,these stories made indelible impressions on my very young mind? Persons who did good things, helped others, were courteous, had good manners et al went to heaven & the others who were cruel, troubled others etc,told lies, were sent to hell by God/Parmatama.

Now, I am grown up & live in Delhi. I visit other cities, too,from time to time besides going to various areas of Delhi.Well,believe me, while some small & selected areas look alike heaven of the stories related to me,rest of the areas resemble the hell of those tales, heard in childhood.I ask myself the questions-Are the persons living in heaven in Delhi have done good things, helped others, have good manners & the others in hell- alike areas are cruel,troubling others et al, & the answers which my mind gives, do not match with the logic/explanations, what Dadi told me?!

As my Dadi is no more with me, I ask the readers & my friends the same questions-

Why only small portion of our Delhi/other cities resemble heaven of my stories & while the rest reek of hell?

Vijay K. Saluja
Director, Giraffe Heroes India
Former Chief Engineer[civil engineering]
New Delhi Municipal Council

PS: In my subsequent articles,I will share some of my experiences,how“ Heaven` like conditions are possible in most of our Delhi.It is not that difficult to obtain,the same?!!!! How to wipe away,hells?

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