Father’s Day Special -Article by XII Grade Siblings

The relationship between a father and a child is unconditional and incalculable. This love isn’t bound by any language to be expressed.

Relationship between a father and a child is like a crystalline solid, whose properties might seem varied when seen from different perspective but the truth is that the love within this relationship is equally spread and follows a regular pattern. As under the law of inertia an object needs a push from an external force so as to initiate the movement, a child needs to be directed and pushed in a particular direction, here a father acts as an external force. A father wants his child to go in right direction and succeed in life, so he is the one who pushes the child to do or learn certain things, or pulls his child from going in wrong direction and ensuring his safe and bright future. A father and a child are bonded by love into ionic and covalent bonds which are very hard to be separated. When they are together, infinite amount of energy is required to weaken this bond of love. A father uses induced effect as a mechanism to safeguard his child from evils of life. Whenever hard times fall on a child, a father gives his child all the support that is necessary to face the problem and makes sure that his child is prevented from the adversity. In order to safeguard the child, he diverts the adversity towards his self, and fights against it, with all his resources in the background.

Every father act as a semi permeable membrane of the reverse osmosis which allows only positivity to enter his child’s heart and life and guides his child in such a way that negativities exit his child’s life as soon as possible. Though this process takes a lot of energy but it is the best way to fill a child’s future with all the goodness. A father and a child are so connected that very action of any of them is followed by an equal and opposite reaction of another. Newton’s third law is validated by this relationship. It might seem that both of them are acting against each other, but what is remarkable is that they are fundamental for each other’s existence and always work together to maintain equilibrium. A child’s personality is shaped by the values transmitted into him by his father. Internal and external features of a child are the periodic function of his father’s genetics and values. A father wants his child to be his mirror image because he is sure that his own father was the best and had imparted the best of all in him. Therefore, no one can Love a child the way a father can and will always without expecting nothing else than respect and love from his/her child and vice versa. This relation might not be proved by any equation as the amount of love cannot be calculated by any means or apparatus therefore it is beyond science without any exceptions. Hence Proved.


Author: Chirag (Class XII-G)  & Charvi (Class XII-E)