Sri VIS, Sector-18, Dwarka showcases global Folktales

On the occasion of the Annual Cultural Day cum Connecting Classrooms Project of British Council the ebullient Sri Venkateshwarites of Grade II showcased global Folktales.

The captivated audience included the Chief Guests Mr. Sailander Solanki (School Chairman) Group Captain Ishwar Singh (Advisor Venkateshwar Group of Schools), the Guests of Honour Dr P. K. Datta a prominent environmentalist and Ms Tegwen Ellis, Ms Rebecca and Ms Rhian delegation of academicians from Ysgol Cynwyd Sant, WALES, UK, the school Principal Ms. Nita Arora, Headmistress SVIS Kids Ms. Shama Kapoor and the parents. 
The little ones of II Raspberries took the audience on a global journey by enacting- The Blue Umbrella (India) from the rustic old village of Himachal. Students of II Cranberries set sail to the continent of North America and depicted the folk tale- How the Earth was Formed. From North America the voyage continued to Turkey where the students of II Mulberries gave an exuberant performance of the folk tale- The Turkish Judge, followed by a folklore from United Kingdom- The Wishing Horse Rides Again presented by II Blueberries. Further, the children of II Strawberries took the audience to the deep dense forests of South Korea depicting- The Rabbit’s Judgement, from there the angels of II Blackberries took off to Japan where they met Hama Guchi who sacrificed his own riches for saving his people through the folk tale- The Wave. The journey ended with the spectacular performance by II Huckleberries who brought the genie on stage all the way from Arabian land depicting the folk tale- Aladdin and the Magic Lamp.

Stories had a feel of interwoven live dance, drama with more attractions like- Belly Dance, IsIs Fan Dance, Wave Dance, etc and the audience could not resist tapping their toes and joining their hands to applaud and encourage the children.