Consulting Engineers offer technical solutions support to Delhi govt to manage water logging problem in the rains

Consulting Engineers Association of India (CEAI)  an apex body of consulting engineers in the country expressing concern at water logging during rains in the capital had written to Delhi’s Urban Development Minister Mr Satyendra Jain to identify Five worst affected water logging spots during rains in the National Capital so that the Association could help in addressing the problem by providing engineering help for a solution which will be effective and appreciable in the times to come.

The communication was followed by a meeting of the CEAI delegation led by Mr K K Kapila, Chairman, CEAI, Infrastructure committee and CEAI Vice president Dr Ajay Pradhan with the Hon. Minister Mr. Satyendra Jain when they presented their brief idea on how to quickly tackle this annual flooding of Delhi during Monsoon, till the Master Plan of drainage systems, etc., takes a concrete shape.

’’ CEAI an organisation of competent and experienced Civil Engineers in the country had offered to provide interim solutions pending the development of the detailed Master Plan for the city. The last drainage Master Plan was prepared some Four decades ago. While the new Master Plan is most important, it might take some years to get it prepared and implemented on ground. The ideas/solutions shared during our meeting with the Minister, we had suggested short term measures believing that they  would work well to avoid waterlogging in the near future, and instead conserve excess water towards a sustainable development solution for Delhi.” Said MR K K Kapila, Chairman, Infrastructure Committee, Consulting Engineer Association of India (CEAI) .

“In this meeting, we had presented a simple arrangement to tap the logged rain water, pass it through a screening process and take it to water harvesting pits so that, on the one hand the instances of water logging gets reduced and on the other, the water table of the groundwater rises.  We do realise that in the Government set up, it takes time to take up physical works” said Mr Kapila.

“Our association had also offered to provide the design drawings for water harvesting, along with specifications, and to answer queries that may be raised. The work at Five identified locations should start in coming days so that the impact can be seen during the winter rains.  Once the effectiveness is proven for everyone to see, it will be worthwhile to handle other waterlogged areas in the city.” He added .

“CEAI will be able to provide the Delhi government with excellent engineering solutions to relieve the national capital and its citizens from waterlogging permanently” he added .