Bike Rides to set are super fun and convenient says Karuna Pandey actress of Bhaage Re Mann

Prembabu Sharma​

Karuna Pandey is enchanting viewers with her quirky take on life as Padmini on Zindagi’s Bhaage Re Mann that airs every Monday to Saturday at 8:30 pm. Truly a girl on the go, the actress who is a stickler for time does not believe in wasting time (her own or others) and takes any mode of transport to work as long as it gets her there fastest and on time. Karuna who is currently shooting on two different sets, has to often travel between the two sets for the show and has devised an ingenious way to travel and make it on time.

Recently, when she had to rush from one set in Madh Island to another set in Malwani, as her car had not arrived on time, she borrowed a crew member’s bike and scooted off so that she wasn’t late. The cast and crew members present on the other set were pleasantly surprised to see Karuna zooming in on the bike with her bag slung on her shoulder. Always professional, Karuna had her scarf on to ensure that her make-up stayed intact and freshened up and was ready for her next shot within minutes.

Talking about her ride, Karuna said, “There is no harm in travelling on a bike as long as you follow safety procedures, it’s fun and moreover it’s faster especially when manoeuvring through Mumbai Traffic. I believe in saving time for the crew as well as myself. It makes me feel independent like my character Padmini.”