Conversations with Children – A New Series from Dad

Vijay Saluja

How are you my dear busy children having further their own busier children?

Well, as my WhatsApp has deserted me, I have lots of time at hand, therefore this mail.

Believe me ,life is quite quite changed now.

No more jhanjhat of repeatedly checking the `magic dibiya`

though it has many uses yet is harmful in many many ways.

It has weaned people from reading useful texts, leading to moronness[coining of a new word],wishing good morning to all those whom you never wanted to wish even good night, receiving silly jokes, meaningless poetry from no of sources & as well thanking the senders for sending the same.

There have been cases where mother & daughter sitting on the same table were/are chatting thru WhatsApp!!??

one who did not, were considered not millinneal[I wonder from where this word came from]

Even this disease has become infectious with housewives.

Sati Savitris now feel moreimperative urgent to send their snaps in the kitchens on whats app than actual cooking.

Pizza huts, Mcdonald, Dominos, Haldi Rams are having great time pandering to the needs of the housewives who are busy in watching the latest videos on cooking bhnidi with mushroom & chicken with gobhi.

As now is my time to repair to TT room

I will stop my conversation here, to be resumed later

Till then

Happy Whatsapping!!!

Till some` Court` issues orders on ` talaq with WhatsApp