POOR DELHI-WALLAHS-praying Govt ko sadbudhhi day Bhagwan!

Since last four days, when ever one switches on the TV,most of the channels covering Delhi news,are also covering the `waiting Room Dharna` by the CM Delhi & three ministers of his cabinet. Footages of them lying sprawled on the sofas in the waiting lounge of the LG`s office are being beamed along with the news-reports, which are being supplemented by the interviews of the former Chief Minister Ms Shiela Dikshit, Mr Ajay Makan,the present President of Congress Committee of Delhi & many others.The responsible representatives of BJP are not lagging behind.Some of them, have occupied the waiting lounge of CM office in Dharna formation.Besides, news about whether IAS Officer`s Association of Delhi are on strike or not are being discussed/debated about more vigorously by the learned Panelists being invited every evening by some of the prominent English Channels?!

The hon`ble LG whose office is under seige, to my knowledge, has not come out with any plausible statement so far to undo this official stalemate?! One of the MP of the CM`s party has visited, as the reports say PM`s house to seek PM`s/home minister`s kind intervention.

One really fails to understand what is happening?

All these people who have been elected by the electorate of Delhi/installed at high positions-CM-Delhi,BJP elected members,LG et al ,IAS officers,& have been given all the perks & privileges & are morally /constitutionally duty bound to serve the people of Delhi in a judicious & MATURE way. Are they doing it? They should ask them selves this simple question. Can`t they sit together & find a solution within hours?Don`t they have conscience?Why they are on EGO trips? What are they trying to achieve/prove? Their actions are SADDENING to say the least.

Don`t they see on the TV channels the pathetic conditions of many Delhi- wallas who are fighting for two buckets of water in this scorching weather.

Why the Honble-Courts, Home Minister & the PM,the President, have not expeditiously intervened so far, in this uncalled for situation, is beyond anyone`s comprehension? What are they waiting for?

Pl stop the BLAME GAME. Be the PRIDE of Delhites . Give them CARING GOVERNANCE,pl.Do not lose this opportunity which `Parmatama` has given to you,pl, to serve the people of Delhi.

Use your position to give GOOD GOVERNANCE pl.

Vijay K. Saluja
Director -Giraffe Heroes India

Senior Fellow -Institute of Social Sciences,New Delhi
Past President,IIT Delhi Alumni Association
Ex Chief Engineer,New Delhi Municipal Council