The contribution of cows and its progeny is well known to everyone. Without support of Godhan – “Cows”, the rural development and its prosperity is not possible. Thecow has ability to maintain family for its survival on economic front by rearing which is most fitted for rural sustainability and environmental protection stated by Shri R K Gupta, CMD, WAPCOS of the Govt. of India. Shri Gupta was speaking on the occasion of monthly Hawan and Pravachanprogamme organize by KamdhenuGodham.

Shri Gupta appreciated the activities of KamdhenuGodham, a model Goshala institution dedicated for Panchgavya Research and Development by incorporation of various activities related to production and sale ofhealth care products to make organization self-reliant so that cows can be protected. He said that KamdhenuGodham is extensively involved in Goshala development activities like product production, extension awareness, training and preservation/conservation of local breed. He said that KamdhenuGodham is not only ideal institution but also a source of inspiration for the present generation.

Dr. Kamal Tawari, IAS (Retd.) former Secretary of the Govt. of India and known rural development expert stated that the protection of cows is the only way to sustain the rural prosperity and development, and if we think for eco-friendly technics towards getting quality and healthy food products. Shri Jai Bhagwan Sharma, State President, Vishwa Hindu Parishadstated about the virtue of cows and its products for the health benefits and utility of each and every contribution made by her. Shri Malik, Excise Commissioner of Haryana Govt. shared his personal experience towards use of cow milk and its products for recovery of his health disorder.

Shri Jai Prakash Garg, National Vice-President, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Goraksha Wing stated about awareness of cow protection. He said that the people to be taught about values of cultural heritage of India wherein the contributions of cows to be explained. This work may be carried out in an organized manner, participatory movement is encouraged and such courses to be included in the course curriculum of school education.

On the occasion, Shri Om Prakash Bissar, Shri Ramesh Arya, Rakhi Jindal, Tauru, Mr. RK Agarwal, Ms. Pooja Garg, Shri B.K. Anand, Shri Chandra Shekhar New Delhi, Shri Sunil Dalal, Manesar, Dr.Govind Yadav, Bhiwadi, Shri B.Khaitan, Gurugram, Shri Anupam Gupta, Sachin Deol JE Civil and Kamdhenu Gowdham Management Committee members, regional villages and other dignitaries were present. participated the programme. Shri Priyank Gupta has compared the programme in very attractive way and thank to all the dignitaries and participants.