Creativity Art Gallery Presents The Utopian World – Solo Show of Amrit Kapoor’s Paintings

The concrete structure of cultural advancement and development is always judged by the attributes and factors associated with society. Human behaviours, ideologies, philosophies and of course education are some of the edifices over which a societies grade stands. Tracing from the ancient to contemporary modern different philosophers and thinkers have uplifted these facts by various ways and kinds, where they have successfully discussed about the possibilities of hope and future creations and situations as well. Today when we observe waves of changes and new thoughts circulating around us it naves gives us an attempt of strange vocabulary in fact it leads of appreciating sense in more enhanced and wider dimensions. We never find ourselves dissatisfied to accept or adapt new advents but the core lies in trying and developing the mindscape. Art and culture very firmly denotes the existence of time and to gore more candid one can say it’s a solid element. Concentrating to this propaganda and comprehending this endeavour Creativity Art Gallery promoting its new show of paintings by Dr. Amrit Kapoor. Born on 1977 Amrit hails from Kanpur. After her standard studies she did Bachelors in fine arts from Kanpur University in painting and later on earned both post-graduation7 and doctorate from the same university. Along with average living and happily married life the artist has 5 solo shows and more than 20 group exhibitions in her arty carrier. Amrit’s crave towards reaching the pinnacle has always stimulated her and that eventually flaunts on the number of awards and scholarships she carries in her cap.

Amrits paintings drag the beholder into an idealised space where imagination amalgamates with maternal values. Both the terms stand on two objective points while discussing narrative and expressions or creativity. The artist never says that her paintings are story telling but yet there is a cord which attaches human emotion and individual conception in a single bind. Finding delightful figures with active contraposition will not be a surprising element, her paintings are generally adorned with bright colours and intersecting human forms. As an artist Amrit believes in providing her beholders a healthy breathing space and eye rotation value.
Discussing this exhibition “The Utopian World” the justification of name will open up more windows of artists mind and philosophy. In philosophy, the Utopians are uninterested in the abstract suppositions that are the rage in Europe and which Hythloday finds empty. The foremost topic of Utopian philosophy is the nature of happiness, and the relation of happiness to pleasure. In such matters they ground their reason in religion, believing reason alone is ill equipped to handle such an investigation. Utopians believe the soul is immortal and that there exists an afterlife in which the deeds of life are rewarded or punished. They further believe that if people were skeptical of an afterlife, all intelligent people would pursue physical pleasure and ignore all higher moral laws. Belief in an afterlife means that pleasure exists only in acts of virtue, because it is these acts that will ultimately be rewarded. These extents of social guidelines are very much accessible and certainly very universal to discuss but in addition to these the instincts of hydra breed and isolation of individuality brings works of Ms. Kapoor in the frame of “Utopian” (etymologically).

After the changes in cultural dimensions the social dialogues or speech recorded a major change in its approach and transition. In the same loop certain essentials of culture and civilisation also took their own turns. Art and ability of human being is one of the major components which has always helped the era to live, stream and left its reminiscence. Amrit is an artist who aims her subject’s to be very natural and biomorphic. Works of Amrit Kapoor are adorned with dreamy state and a flux where interaction is very undertone.

Venue and Show Detail: 

Utopian World : Solo Show of Amrit Kapoor’s Solo Exhibition of Paintings
1. On view from 25th April 2014 to 30th April 2014
At Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

2. On view from 1st May 2014  till: 10th May 2014
At Creativity Art Gallery, 29, GF, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, India – 110016