150 Glorious Years of Mahatma Gandhi –Gandhi Week

N.K.Bagrodia Public School,Dwarka celebrated 150 Glorious years of Mahatma Gandhi in the form of Gandhi Week.The week consisted of an array of activities for the classes Nursery to XII. The students of class Pre-Primary to III were shown the videos highlighting the life stories of Mahatma Gandhi along with elaborated discussions on the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi under the THEME—TRUTH &NON-VIOLENCE.

The students of class IV –V were the part of the poster-making activity on the topic-Mahatma Gandhi & his teachings. Furthermore,they were also expected todesign, decorate and discuss the cut-outs of three monkeys along with the related message on the theme- Stay Away from Evil. The students of class VI participated in Slogan Writing and the making of National Movement charts on the Theme—SWARAJ & SATYAGRAH. The students of class VII enthusiastically took part in the Visit to National Gandhi Museum under the THEME—RELIVING THE MAHATMA. The students participated in Drawing & Street play activities and presented the ideals of Gandhi. They were motivated to see the articles and narratives on Gandhi’s lifestyle, especially the Puppet show, relevant to the projected theme.The students of class VIII participated inrole enactment under the theme—NATIONALISM IN INDIA.The students showcased the presentation on the main events of the National struggle led by Mahatma Gandhi, such as, the Dandi March, Non co-operation Movement etc. The students of class IX participated in poetry composition on the topic Gandhi &Swachh on the theme—CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS.The students came up with wonderful wordings projecting the topics allotted to them. The students of class X wore the masks of Gandhi& made a Human Wall witha message on placards under the theme—THERE’S A GANDHI IN EVERYONE.  The students of class XI-XII    made presentationsand held a Group Discussion on Gandhian Philosophy on the theme-NON-VIOLENCE IN EVERY ASPECT. 

The students performed Gandhiji’s favourite bhajan “Vaishnav Jan To” & a street play on the Theme—LIFE  EVENTS OF GANDHI in the special assembly.  The students organised an Exhibition on the THEME—A TRIBUTE TO BAPU in the SEMINAR HALL.They displayed wisdom Tree, 3-D models, charts,slogans,posters,masks, songs and bhajans. The closing ceremony was organised in the form of an Inter-school competition on October 3rd,2019. The students of around ten schools participated in the competitionSVIS, NKBPS Rohini,NKBGS, Dwarka,Brain International School,Indraprastha International, ML Khanna DAV, Maxfort, R.D. Rajpal,Pragati Public School, and the host school NKBPS Dwarka. The students were given the topics on Gandhian philosophy on the spot like resilience,truth, non-violence,empathy etc. They were supposed to prepare a presentation which included the multi-disciplinary approach like literature,art,music and speaking skills. The closing ceremony was graced by Mr Uttam Sinha, the Additional Director, National Gandhi Museumand Mr Ansar Ali,Curator, National Gandhi Museum. The Competition was won by N.K.Bagrodia Public School,Rohini followed by Indraprastha International at second place. The Chief guest appreciated the efforts of the young minds and instructed them to follow the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. The week-long celebration ofthe 150th Birth Anniversary of the Father of the Nation was celebrated to inculcate the ideals of Gandhi, what made him win the title of ‘Mahatma’, how did he instil the fire of truth in the heart of each countrymen through his sheer conviction, his social as well as political ideology etc. Apart from these, the idea was also to make the young students aware of their duties and responsibilities towards society, environment and nation.