Crest Waves for Narinder Modi !

R.D. Bhardwaj “Noorpuri”

Series of bomb blasts on 27th October, 2013 at Patna election rally held by Narinder Modi was really very sad as some people lost their precious lives and also injured many innocent people. But it was very good and satisfying to note that all the bombs planted at the venue of the rally failed to explode, otherwise many more people could become victims of nasty designs of the nefarious forces. Secondly, it is also really sad to note that both Central Government and Bihar Governments miserably failed in providing terrorists attack info and subsequent lapses in making adequately security arrangements to safeguard the lives of thousands of people who were anticipated to attend the rally of Narinder Modi, whose stars are shining brightly these days. It seems that the Bihar Government considered NaMo as its political enemy rather than a political opponent only. 

Thirdly, the whole scenario reminds me of Ms. Benazir Bhutto, who after staying abroad for a couple of years in political exile, returned to her country in the last quarter of 2007 to participate in Pakistan’s general elections. Despite a clear threat to her life from some hardcore terrorists outfits and also a request made by her party (PPP) to the then President of Pakistan, Pravez Musharraf did not provide her adequate security befitting her stature, and one evening when she was going to address an election campaign rally in Rawalpindi, she also became a victim of conspiracy and as a result of glaring lapses in providing her adequate security, she was brutally killed in a series of fire-shots and bomb blasts aimed at her on the 27th December, 2007. She was declared brought dead at Rawalpindi General Hospital. It was not at all an accidental death; instead it was a clear-cut case of pre-planned assassination of a big leader, who was most likely going to topple the dictatorial misrule of a military ruler, Pravez Musharraf. 

However, in Patna Narinder Modi displayed a rare example of courage and presence of mind and statesmanship, that he not only maintained his path of righteous thinking and cool mind, but he also told the people assembled there not to lose patience and keep sitting there, otherwise hundreds of more people could have died because of stampede caused by people running here and there, as it often happens in such a situation. The other rare quality displayed by Modi is that he himself did not try to escape under the cover of his security cordon as it also often happens in many big rallies if bombs explode there. Ordinary people are often left to fend for themselves and suffer huge causalities in many similar situations. But one thing that cannot be denied is that all this happened because the State Government did not take the whole scenario very seriously and thus, left a huge gathering of more fifty thousand people to their fate and at the mercy of cruel terrorists (minus huge lapses in security arrangements). 
Now the fourth point, about this NaMo rally as it is explicitly clear, that all major parties who are directly or indirectly associated with the UPA Government, are really very scared of Modi, just as all animals in jungle – big or small start running here and there on seeing a lion coming towards their direction; as they fear their imminent extinction at the hands of all powerful beastly animal. The UPA Government has a big reason to be scared of – as it has miserably failed on more than one front – namely curtailing the sky-rocketing inflation which is squeezing the poor people like anything and crime graph also going up like inflation. Not only that, all pervasive corruption and a trail of scams one after another during the last nine and half-year of its (mis)governance and (mis)rule to name a few. In Delhi, Sheila Dixit Government is also adding fuel to the fire by doing precious little to make the lives of common people somewhat comfortable, safe and secure, as instead of conducting raids on the hoarders and profiteers of essential food items, she is seen making just an appeal to the traders, as if she is really that much helpless. Narinder Modi is also right in calling Rahul Gadhi “Shehzada” as he is simply not aware of what and how it feels when a poor man is not able to get sufficient food to eat, shelter on his head and timely medicine to take care of his family’s health problems. Rahul Gandhi very calmly opines that “poverty is just a state of mind.” He is simply oblivious of the many problems of common people. Moreover, he has never spoken on all pervasive corruption and what action he is going to take on perverted minds who are spreading this virus and thousands of other people responsible for a series of scams. 

It is also matter of concern for the Congress party that these days, there is not even a single leader in Congress who could match Narinder Modi’s capabilities and calibre in sorting out problems and to ensure good governance for the welfare of the people. Rahul Gandhi who is being projected as UPA’s Prime Ministerial candidate by many Congress leaders, big or small, stands nowhere near Mr. Modi’s administrative skill, his grasp over the problems being faced by the huge galaxy of people and oratory skills on a number of subjects concerning India and his political manoeuvrings. Many Congress leaders just keep on harping about Godhra incidence that took place in 2002, but they very conveniently tend to forget as to what happened after the death of late Mrs. Indira Gandhi in the first week of November, 1984, as a result of which around 3000 Sikhs lost their lives and property worth several crores was also put on fire. However, I am not trying to draw some comparison between the two carnages; I am only trying to dwell on the point that all leaders should stop beating around the bush and pull each other’s legs by relating their names to some bad incidence that had taken place years ago. On the contrary, all political parties should dwell upon current incidences and spell out their strategies on how they are going to solve problems being faced by crores of common people these days and how you are going to punish the culprits of economic offences who cause untold miseries on them.

And lastly, Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP has also become a force to reckon with these days, at least in Delhi. As Mr. Kejriwal and most of his candidates are the people with clean image and they also promise to provide corruption free governance, they shall be really giving a tough competition to both – Congress and BJP in Delhi. But on the national scale, Narinder Modi seems really seems to be riding on crest waves and the BJP seems to be surely going to reap a good harvest of people’s confidence hopefully getting converted into votes next year.