`Giraffe Heroes India invites nominations from all over India

Dear Readers of Dwarka Parichay,

Some of you, might have noticed an `announcement` about sending nominations of risk-takers to `Giraffe Heroes India`, being carried every-day, by Dwarka Parichay in the left column of its portal . Well, if the website www.giraffe.org as mentioned in the column-clip ,has been visited by some,, then details about who is a `Giraffe-Hero`, what is` Giraffe Heroes India` & the other related information about it might have been ascertained by them, but for all those who are not aware of it, it is to inform that-

`Giraffe Hero is a person who sticks his/her neck out for common good at huge personal risk, on not one-time bravery basis but on a sustainable way. That means, it is in his/her DNA to do public[ in any human endeavour] good despite all odds/risks/dangers in doing that!

Despite all the negativity prevailing in our society/system, there are also brave persons who are doing commendable work in all possible areas which affect human living /being !They some time are harassed & hounded too & remain mostly UNSUNG HEROES?!The urgent need is to bring them & their endeavours in spot-light, so that the others get motivated, too, to emulate their examples & thus make better society/system/India.

Giraffe Heroes India is the affiliate of Giraffe Heroes Project of USA which came into being in 2012.India is the sixth country in the world where this Programme has been started.

Giraffe Heroes Project started in USA in 1984, to tell the stories of brave persons of US in particular & also about brave persons from other countries of the World. So far ,till 2013,about over a thousand persons have been commended by Giraffe Heroes Project –US. Two of them have also been conferred NOBEL PRIZE,too! About 12 Indians have been commended so far as Giraffe Heroes by the parent[ US ]organization.

From 2013,onwards, Giraffe Heroes are to be chosen by Giraffe Heroes India[GHI] .In January 2015,two were commended by GHI.

More details about it are at the website www.giraffe.org/giraffe-heroes.india

Nomination Form & criteria for Giraffedom is also available at this website at www.giraffe.org

It is my proud privilege & pleasure to be the DIRECTOR of Giraffe Heroes India . I am stationed at Dwarka-New Delhi.

It gives me great pleasure to share with you that Mr S.S. Dogra & Mr Sanjay of  Dwarka Parichay have been very eager & enthusiastic associates who vibrate with the `cause` of GIRAFFE & readily agreed to become the Media-Partner of Giraffe Heroes India & are very enthusiastically spreading awareness about this noble programme!

We, together, along with other Associates/Partners , are now, endeavouring every day to take forward in many ways , this Programme , to far & wide corners of India, to identify & commend with due diligence, the Giraffe Heroes of India & then telling their stories to the WORLD.

May I take this opportunity to invite all of you to be ACTIVE PARTNERS of Giraffe Heroes India & help us in throwing light on Unsung Heroes of our Society/country.

If you have any query, pl do not hesitate to write to me at saluvk@gmail.com or to Mr. S.S. Dogra/ Mr Sanjay of Dwarka Parichay..

I, also eagerly look forward to your valuable suggestions/ views, if any!

With my very best wishes,

Vijay K. Saluja
Giraffe Heroes India