Cycling to keep yourself fit & energetic

Mr. Wlodzimierz Madziar from Polland is resident of Sector-10 Dwarka, he met me in the morning when I was coming back from Sports complex. He was riding a cycle with special behind the driving seat. He picks & drops his son from Brats & Cuties School that too on his cycle. Although he has a big car, but he says that he uses cycle in the morning & daily he picks & drops his son through his cycle only.

This keeps himself fit and its economical no fuel, no pollution and it also does not occupy much space on the road. So, he enjoys cycling and it keep himself fit & energetic also. He also revealed that the chair behind the main driving seat cost only Rs.2,000/-.Moreover he never depends upon any other source transport. We should also learn. Something from this European gentleman.

– S.S. Dogra
 Editor, Dwarka Parichay