Days to make Delhi safe for everyone

Right now political candidates are hungry for votes, and we have the best chance in years to get solid commitments from them to make Delhi safe for women and girls.

Respected leaders have just launched the “Womanifesto” — a six point plan that if implemented could transform the police, courts, transport and attitudes in our city. Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit just endorsed it, committing to enact it within a year if elected! If we flood the other two Chief Minister candidates with messages demanding they adopt it, they will feel votes depend on it and sign up.

We only have a few days to get all the CM candidates to pledge to take serious action to end violence against women in Delhi — and our pressure is already working! Let’s keep up the pressure to get the other two candidates to commit as well. Send a message now and then forward this email to everyone — if enough of us act we can win this and instigate a reform that will save lives: 

sign here

Whether it is Sheila Dikshit, Harsh Vardhan or Arvind Kejriwal, in days Delhi will have a new Chief Minister. That Chief Minister must commit to the firm reforms that the capital has been demanding since Nirbhaya’s tragic rape and murder almost a year ago. And we have more power than ever to get their word right now because they want our votes.

The Delhi Election Womanifesto sets out commitments the new CM must fulfil in their first year
in office. It covers six areas vital for Delhi’s women. From public education, to responsive police and law courts, to safer streets and support for survivors. Let’s get public promises now, then once the election is over, we can hold the new Chief Minister to their commitments.

We can do this if we all just send a message and tell our friends to do the same. Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit just endorsed. Let’s make sure all candidates opt in. Click the link to contact the other CM candidates via Twitter and by email and ask them to sign onto real reform now!

sign here

In India and across the world, the Avaaz community has stood with rape survivors and challenged authorities negligent in protecting all their citizens. Now is the time to transform Delhi.

With hope and determination,
Devaki Jain with the whole Avaaz team