M. K. Gupta

Theft, snatching and other crimes are going on unabated in Dwarka and some steps can bring them down. As a first step to check them, police should not avoid registering first report for every convincing complaint because non-registering the FIR emboldens the criminals. Presently, we often listen complaints of non-registering of FIRs and these are written after the matter is reported in media or under other pressure on the police. Snatching of chains and other valuables mostly take in the morning and near the parks as the snatchers know that at that time, the barriers will not be manned and morning walkers will not be enough alert and they can go scot-free. The cops on duty, preferably in civil dress, should be increased near parks and other crime prone areas in the morning hours. Challaning the defective vehicles number plates should continue round the year. For stopping thefts and burglary in CGHS and DDA pockets, securities cameras at conspicuous points should be installed and the cost should not be a deterrent in the matter as the concern to the security should be first consideration. Happy Home CGHS of sector-7 has shown us a way in the matter by installing such cameras on its own cost which was bearable. Main markets are prone to security risk as in the past, even terrorists have been nabbed from these markets and therefore, the police should increase picket and install security cameras immediately before the start of festive season.

The staff at all the police stations in Dwarka and Palam should be immediately increased to the extent possible if providing sanctioned strength is not immediately possible. Names and phone numbers of senior police officers and members of Thana Level Committees should be displayed Police Stations. Security camera should also be installed in the police station to check the harassment of public by refusing registration of the FIRs. Cops should be deployed near the wine shops from where there are repeated complaints of drinking in the open. Such complaints are in plenty in the sector 6 DDA post office market.

Darkness facilitates crimes and there must be proper street lights in every public place, approach road to metro stations and so on. CGHS and RWA should employ only the reputed security agencies duly verified, if possible. Police should start special campaign for the verifications of such agencies. It has also been noticed that when a particular set of security guards was removed from some Societies or DDA pockets, the incidents of thefts there have checked and started there such guards were put on duty.

Random checking of upper floors of commercial buildings for security and sanitation arrangements by police and sanitations staff is also required. Some office or shop owners has encroached the terrace of such buildings to the discomfortiture of the visitors which should be cleared. Toilets in most of such buildings are not working and are either locked or have been converted in offices in violation of sanctioned building plans.

In the name of mobile catering vans, number of unlicenced and un-mobile structures are parked on the service lanes near the markets and this should be taken care in the interest of proper sanitation and public health. On this, permanent action can be taken by the health department of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and Traffic Police jointly.