Dead buffalo rotting near Mahabhadrakali Society Plot 6, Sector 13, Dwarka

There has been a dead buffalo rotting near Mahabhadrakali Society Plot 6 Sector 13. This happens to be right opposite the MRV school.

It is so smelly that we can not even breathe properly. The foul smell is now entering our houses…. and definitely the MRV school children are also breathing the same stinky air…. Even all the people from Sector 3 also who cross our road to reach Sector 13 metro station must also be facing this problem.

I tried to contact the Najafgarh office to remove the carcass as it’s polluting the environment. Nothing happened…..

My wife who is a member of the Managing Committee, called up Mr. Rajesh Gehlot today and asked him to help us in getting this clean at 9:45 AM this morning. He said he would call up the Najafgarh office to get the dead animal removed immediately but NOTHING HAPPENED…..
AS we all know it’s emanating foul smell but also a lot of germs are spreading in the air. Which is so bad for all the people who live in the nearby societies and the MRV school children.

This is our beautiful Sub city where we can’t even get fresh air to breathe…… This place has been a dumping ground for so long. When I complain they come and clean it but I never expected that the authorities are ready to risk the health of all the residents in the nearby societies of Plot 6 Sector 13…. This time someone left their dead animal and know one even could stop this?
We are living with this and I don’t know when the concerned authorities will wake up maybe after some of us fall sick.
Trying to breathe…… somehow

a concerned citizen
Anil Khanna