‘Drops of heaven’ that charm the taste-buds, craving for more

They are smaller than the traditional samosa but these delicacies of Tibetan origin leave one wanting to taste more as they digest easily and leave a taste that stays.

And just one is not enough, as was amply demonstrated at the opening of the first organized chain of momo carts in the country. 

In keeping with the noble purpose for which this chain will be known – social service and hygienic food, the first 6Pack Momos cart was inaugurated by Aaditya Sahu, a 6 and a half year boy from Durg, Chhattisgarh, who has progeria – a rare condition in which a child starts ageing quickly.

Speaking at the launch the three entrepreneurial Managing Directors – Divy Kohli, Jahaan Khurana, and Deepak Dhingra – said though people had changed from eating samosas to momos, this business had never been organized and there was no guarantee that the snack available in every street was unhygienic as it was manually handled. 
At the event launched with Progeria CSR Initiative, Aaditya’s father Uttam Sahu expressed gratitude that an attempt has been made to understand the malaise as this would lead to greater awareness. He was gifted a cheque of Rs 100,000 for the care and treatment of the child by 6Pack Momos.
Earlier, the event was launched with the lighting of the traditional lamp and unveiling of the cart by the Managing Directors and the young child Aaditya Sahu did the cutting of a ribbon.
Interestingly, 6Pack Momos have almost 250 varieties of this Tibetan imported snack, with fancy names like ‘Ooo Bolo-Tara-rara’, ‘Mushi Mushi’, ‘Akhbar ki Jaan’, ‘Selfish Prawns’, ‘Unbutton D Mutton’, ‘Kuk-dhoo-koo!’. ‘Chic is In’, Sunny Side Up’, ‘Dark O Holic’, ‘Honey Bee’, ‘Volcano’, ‘Green Land’ and ‘Oooommmgggg’. 
The whole concept has been conceived by three persons in perfect synergy with complementary skills; a chef, an entrepreneur and a visionary. The founders have a combined experience of more than 20 years in the Culinary World.

Their travelled to many countries and brought back to India their experience and recipes that helped them recognize the potential of the humble Momo, and how they could improvise on a production chain. 

The dream was built the hard way, with one who already had a small momo selling venture from his college days with some experience in hotel management who joined up with one another who is most enthusiastic about food trails and street food carnivals and is the executor of the business idea and expansion plans. They discussed this with a common friend and 6 Pack Momos was born.
Just launched this month with a beginning at Kriti Nagar in west Delhi, 6 Pack Momos wants to establish more than 30 new outlets in every major city, serving more than one million delicious, authentic momos every year to Oriental food connoisseurs across India by 2018.

The Directors said “We at 6 Pack Momos will not just be monetarily helping Aaditya for his treatment in Boston, but we will sign up with Progeria to create awareness for this disease by making him our brand ambassador. Every meal we sell, 10 rupees from each sale goes directly to the PRF Foundation. Lets join in hands together and Aditaya feel overwhelmed with all the love we have for him in our hearts.”

Divy Kohli who is the momo enthusiast has more than three years of experience in food and a special love for momos. Jahaan Khurana with more than seven years of experience of running a food chain calls himself an ‘explorer’ of food. Deepak Dhingra is an entrepreneur who also has an electronics business.
The unique hi-tech carts are designed in Germany with power packed features like a conveyer belt mechanism, frequency control, uniform sized momos, superior feeding capacity, user-friendly technology.

The momo-making machines are capable of making around 10,000 momos in just under an one hour. With these machines, there is no more worrying about the unhygienic handmade dough and filling.

They decided to build these ultra-modern carts in India, for the amenities they provided. They came loaded with LED TVs which display items-on-stock and offers, have Wi-Fi hotspots and many other excellent, user-friendly features.

They wanted the momos to be more than just something with vegetable fillings, balanced in taste and accompanied by spicy & hot sauce. Gone are those days when a plate of eight momos had four negligibly filled and two just thick steamed flour lumps.

And there are more than 250 flavours to choose from, showing the versatility of this lip-smacking snack. These classic options are made under the guidance of some of the greatest Tibetan chefs in the country. The momos are fresh and succulent with chef-selected ingredients, consistent and precision made, and affordable. Each order comes with either Schezwan or a tomato garlic sauce.

6 Pack Momos serves a set of assorted high-quality momos on the go. These are momos made with the freshest and most succulent ingredients, prepared by expert chefs, in an assortment of sizes, shaped and patterns. they also can be ordered from the comfort of your home via our hotline number, our website and even through the popular food ordering websites like Zomato and Food Panda.