Institute of Road Traffic Institute (IRTE) unveiled its state-of-the-art accident investigation laboratory during the ongoing Three day conference on ‘Safety of vulnerable road user in South East Asia Region here today.

The accident investigation laboratory which will help scientifically research the causes and consequences of road collisions as well as prepare effective systems for their analyses in order to provide remedial measures was inaugurated by Mr Saul Billingsley, Executive Director , Federation International Automobile (FIA) Foundation. 

“The laboratory will also support the delivery of IRTE’s accident forensics and accident investigation programs.and offer its services to Police Training Schools, Colleges and Academies to train Police personnel into becoming Collision Investigators“ said Dr Rohit Baluja Speaking on the occasion

“IRTE has already set up the first Collision Investigation & Research Cell (CIRC) at its campus in Faridabad in collaboration with Dr. Steffan Datatechnik, Austria and VIA, the Netherlands. The Accident Investigation Laboratory will expose Police personal to a realistic environment, enhancing the learning experience.. It will also provide support to civic and road maintenance agencies in road safety audit based upon the assessment of causes of road collisions” Dr Baluja said.

“IRTE already conducts training on collision investigation and reconstruction across and courses for police personnel in different states including Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Delhi as well as at the National Police Academy at Hyderabad . IRTE’s various prgrams give police personal the skills to conduct and analyse accident investigations based on proven knowledge and techniques relevant to road accidents” Dr Baluja added.

“ The Accident Forensic lab will help its students to better understand how accidents happen and the ways in which they can be avoided as accident investigation is still an emerging area, with experts in the field systematically breaking down the factors leading to an accident and drawing appropriate conclusions in order to prevent similar accidents happening in the future.The same accidents and incidents recur time and again and the lessons are missed entirely or misunderstood. To a considerable degree this may be attributed to the absence of effective investigation education and training, which is what we are addressing,” Added Dr Baluja added.

About IRTEInstitute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) is a research based not-for-profit organisation operating since 1991. For over two decades, IRTE has been dedicatedly working in partnership with Corporates, Government and the regulatory bodies towards scientifically improving all domains of traffic management in which safety is an inherent virtue.

As a member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration and the Commission for Global Road Safety, IRTE is committed to:

Improving the Traffic Management System through indigenous research
Improving User Behavior through Research based Training
Building capacity for nations and organisations in road safety management
Social Responsibility: We contribute to Public Health and Road Safety, conduct School conclaves, Student traffic volunteer scholarship scheme and National Highway Literacy program.