Dear Readers of Dwarka Parichay – Giraffe Hero-India

Dear Readers of Dwarka Parichay,

This is to share with you again,the following information—

We, at Giraffe Heroes India[GHI] are looking for UNSUNG HEROES of India ie Persons who are doing things at HUGE PERSONAL RISK to make our SOCIETY/GOVERNANCE system, Better.

Giraffe Heroes India is an ASSOCIATE of Giraffe Heroes Project of USA.

Its website is

You may ask ,why we are looking for them. It is a call of CONSCIENCE?!

Well, these are the BRIGHT LIGHTS of our country. Symbols of HOPE in the rather DISMAL environment, about which various modes of media are telling everyday, in various ways.

When, we commend the unsung heroes as GIRAFFE HEROES-persons who stick their neck out for common good at huge personal risk,then,we will share their stories to INDIA/WORLD, so that people emulate their examples & do good things to make our SOCIETY better.

More details about it are available at the website mentioned earlier or at the website of Dwarka Parichay who are our media-associate.

Nominate forms, criteria for giraffedom & all relevant information is available at these websites ( link: ).

Please visit that & send the nominations of probable GIRAFFE HEROES, as mentioned under & be an active PLAYER in the TEAM of BETTERING INDIA.

Let me have your valuable views/suggestions,too.

Vijay K. Saluja
Giraffe Heroes India