Vijay K. Saluja

The article creates awareness about the urgent need for having more golden people in Dwarka. It needs them very badly. The gruesome & sad accident of a young father on the road opposite sector 6-10 market is a wake-up call for all the inhabitants of this sub-city to unite for a humane purpose, & do sustained efforts for retaining the caring/ humane character of this part of Delhi. Earlier it is done , better it will be for all of us. Though Dwarka Forum is doing its bit, but the need is for all of us to unite for a cause & the cause is-A CARING &THUS HAPPY DWARKA.& THIS IS POSSIBLE IF ALL ITS GOLDEN MEN UNITE TO MAKE A BIGGER CHAIN WHICH LENGTHENS EACH DAY.

TV Channels need to play pro-active roles,too.

`DELHI`s-Horrifying Moments & its Golden Men
Time is 10.30 PM. Day Thursday. Date 17th July,2008
India TV, is showing the video of the operation done by AIIMS doctors, on a young man whose body,[ just near chest] was pierced thru & thru, by an angle iron!? This happened at MG road, when this young man named Supritam`s cab got involved in a serious accident, on Wednesday morning, with Metro barricading, put up near the site of Ghitorni Metro Station .Time was around 6.30 AM.The person was on way to his office in Gurgaon.It could be,the car must be speeding up?.It could be the driver might have dozed off?It could be the angle iron might be protruding from the erected barricades?-normally Metro persons do take care as far as possible that barricades are properly put up & as well take other safety precautions like stationing traffic marshals & security guards etc near their critical sites. There could be as many, other reasons for this near fatal accident?

But , this article I am doing to salute the human spirit-the spirit of Supritam-the hapless victim, who had the indomitable courage to ring up his family from his mobile about his predicament after he was unfortunately pierced thru & thru- by the angle iron – I think fifty millimeter by fifty millimeter size. Kudos to his friend who came to his succour & all other residents nearby who ran to his help, extricated him from the car [after cutting the angle iron] & then carefully removed him to AIIMS.

It was no mean task and it was accomplished by all these ordinary men, but who possessed nerves of steel, heart of gold & the spirit of service!

This episode did not end there. But, it was the start of the story of indomitable courage of Supritam, and the superb tale of the skills of our doctors & their team at AIIMS, who handled this case with extreme caution, dexterity, & skill, operated for about six hours & were finally successful in removing the angle iron from the body of the victim!

As per the latest report in 10.30PM,17th July, news on India TV, Supritam is showing good chance of recovery & the team of doctors were very optimistic that Supritam would resume normal life activities in just within two months!

Supritam`s father became emotional a no of times when he was relating on TV, the sequence of events & was profusely thanking the doctors & others who were responsible for saving the life of his son. But, thanks are due to all those who were in the rescue act, from all Delhiwallah nay all nation. Those AIIMS doctors & the Team ,we are proud of you. Proud we are also of good-samaritans who took immediate action at the site.Yes,India TV channel rightly said Aaj Yamraj Haar Gaye.I will rather say-Aaj Yam Raj Khush Huai-on the skills of doctors, at the indomitable spirit of Supritam & the selflessness of rescuers at the site. May their clan grow in Delhi! Delhi needs them very much.Thanks to India TV for doing this story of human saga.`