Death TRAP’s in Dwarka’s Roads… NO Man’s Land

President, Dwarka Forum

These pictures give you the DEATH TRAP Laid by both DDA & MCD on Dwarka’s roads.

Across Dwarka when a Safai Karamchari (SK) of MCD Sweeps he keeps his malba or garbage on roadside and left it for months. Same is the case with DDA Contractors who clear Silt along the kerbstone and central verge. They are kept as seen in picture..

Poor Cyclist, two wheelers often at Night loose balance and end up in accidents as these SUDDEN TRAP appears in front of them before they realize.

We appreciate the DDA and MCD Authorities this INVENTION of endangering the citizen and CRIMINIAL NEGLIGENCE. Why we appreciate,, because if we make a complaint you will treat this as NEGATIVE so we are bit POSITIVE on your action.

May GOD Bless you.. as your department staffs and contractors hardly helping citizens.

I hope the higher up officials will realise one day their own participation in this SIN & that realisation may help citizen to have a safe passage across Dwarka.